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How to know if you are losing the plot


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How to know if you are losing the plot

It’ s easy to get ground down by the little things. If we don’t take time to assess our lives now and then, we can get swept away on the trivial tide of nonsensical issues. The petty issues in life can seem overwhelming and end up sapping our energy. This shouldn’t happen – or at least we shouldn’t allow it to happen as pettiness in life should be in it’s place and be allocated a proportional amount of our time and energy. From the stories my clients tell me, I have noticed that pettiness and trivial issues can end up consuming us and make life a misery.

I’m watching a programme on TV about nightmare neighbours and it is crazy the extent that we can go to prove a point. It’s not about being happy anymore, it’s about being right AT ALL COSTS! So how can you tel if you are starting to go off track?

1) Irritability has increased

Do you feel on edge most of the time? Tearful? Do you have more road rage and less patience? This is a sign that you are not dealing with your stress effectively. Be aware of bottling up tension and find ways to dissipate this – go for a walk, yoga, naps, listen to music…

2) Petty issues seem all important

Think ‘mountains out of molehills’. When we are overly stressed we tend to find it harder to prioritise and maintain perspective on what is going on in our lives. Suddenly minor incidents seem to be a huge problem and we react emotionally and disproportionately to everything – a sign that you need to get a grip and take stock of where you are directing your energy and your focus.

3) Paranoia

When we are begin to feel we are losing the plot we tend to become more paranoid. Why didn’t that person ignore me? Why haven’t I been called back? What’s going on? We can work ourselves up into a right froth when we are stressed out. Learn to take deep breaths and stop, rest for a while. Never act upon thoughts immediately especially if you know that you are losing the plot and not ‘firing on all cylinders’ as you used to.

4) Lack of focus and memory problems

When we are losing the plot we experience brain overload and our minds find it harder to process information effectively.

5) Sleep disturbance

Hand in hand with stress and losing the plot is sleep disturbance. You might either be finding it difficult to fall asleep or you may be waking up repeatedly during the night.

6) Physical ailments such as headaches, eczema, joint pain and digestive disorders such as IBS

Stress can spill over into physical ailments. It’s your body’s way of sending you a message that you need to slow down or, even better, take some time out. When we mentally ignore our stress levels, our bodies begin to take strain and eventually it will force you to stop – don’t let it get that far.

7) No overall purpose/goals

Ever feel like you are chasing your own tail? Feeling empty, directionless or not sure what you are working towards? It could be because you are bogged down by the nitty gritty of life and are unable to transcend this fog and achieve your true potential.

This is when it is a good idea to write a diary of what you do each day and where you focus your time. Can things be re-arranged? Are you spending to much time on the trivial stuff? When we have purpose and goals, this helps to keep structure in our lives and keep us on track.

If you have trouble with this, it might be a good idea to see a life coach or a counsellor to help you find that structure again.

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Photo by Okko Pyykkö

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