Mandy Kloppers

How To Keep Your Friendships Alive

The art of conversation may not actually be dead. In today’s world, we can be easily sucked into our work and twenty four hours zooms by without a second thought. We forget to keep in touch sometimes, we have a plethora of unanswered voice calls and unread text messages and probably a good few emails we haven’t tended to. That’s because we work so hard often forgetting the things in life that we truly care about. Sometimes this can rebound on our personal lives and friends may feel isolated from us. There are a few ways to keep in contact and keep those special friendships alive. 

Instead of spending time texting back and forth, sometimes hearing someone’s voice on the end of the phone can be a really incredible and powerful thing. It shows you have taken the time and effort to call them and by getting good phone contracts such as on you can find an affordable way to keep in touch. Better yet call them to arrange a long awaited coffee, sometimes a good heart to heart and catch up in a cosy cafe on a weekend can be really valuable. Talking instead of texting and physically asking how your friend is doing, you could put a smile on someone’s face. However there is nothing wrong with keeping your text messages on standby but take it one step further – join in a group chat for all your friends, make the effort to keep up with it and this way everyone can feel like a part of something without having to worry about messaging back to individual texts. The good old fashioned mailbox can prove to be a winner this holiday season, as we move into the season of giving. Write a letter to a friend, perhaps it is someone overseas or in another city that you don’t often get to see. Taking the time to write something personally and have it posted to their door is guaranteed to make them feel special! Post in a little gift too to really seal the special moment! 


Start planning for the weeks ahead! It can be difficult to plan last minute and to get everyone in one place at the same time. Why not look at pulling out your calendars at your next meeting and fix dates and times for future meetings to ensure that you have definitely all committed to your next meeting! It’s important to enjoy the times with your friends, have fun and start living! Emailing may sound like a bad way to keep in touch but it’s actually a very smart way. When you’re at the office, take time to ping an email over to friends in your lunch hour, you can check your emails much easier in your breaks and it’s never been easier now to send over e-cards and gifts online via email, to make your life easier and to keep your friendships alive. 


So next time you’re wondering the best way to keep the best mode of contact with your friends, just realise that there is always a fun and innovative way to keep in touch!

Mandy X