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How To Keep The Love During Wedding Planning

Weddings are  a once in a lifetime moment and planning for it is an extensive process. Wedding planning is an arduous task and is a chaotic time as the myriad of rituals and ceremonies make it a tedious task. Planning for a wedding and its rituals is often beyond the ability of a single person which is why you should consider hiring best wedding planners in Kolkata, Pune or wherever you are planning to tie the knot. 

The wedding planning is a tiresome job and if you are having a love marriage, then before exchanging the rings you’re not going to get some time alone with your bae.

The mere thought of a wedding can give one jitters and not being able to get to see each other during the wedding rituals is going to make you to miss them. With all the extensive planning you are going to forget about your relationship. Finding quality time to spend with your better half is going to be a difficult task. If you are one of those couples juggling between managing your wedding and giving time to your bae then this post is meant for you. Here we have brought for you, a few ways in which you can keep the spark of love alive during the wedding planning. 

  1. Date Nights

Although the endless shopping spree, running after the vendors, calls and emailing consumes most of your time during the wedding, it is important to spend quality time with your loved ones as it relaxes you. If you are wondering with all the planning how on Earth are you going to manage sneaking out with your bae then the solution to your problem is a date night. Inbetween all the wedding planning juggling a date night would prove to be a rejuvenating session as together both of you can plan your dream wedding. Set aside a date for your relationship amidst the wedding planning. Go out for a movie or a dinner or even perhaps a relaxing game night at home. Time spent with your other half is going to cheer you up and help you to forget your worries. 

  1. Resolve Conflicts

It’s a common sight at the wedding that the bride and groom have a difference of opinion. This can lead  to conflict between them. It proves to be a necessity for them to resolve their conflicts so that they can have their dream wedding. To transform their dream of a fairytale into a reality a couple needs to work on collaboration and resolve the conflict. It’s your wedding, the day the two of you have waited for and you simply would not want to ruin its charm by ending up fighting, would you? 

  1. Communicate

The key to a healthy relationship is good communication between you, trust and loyalty. The lack of proper communication can ruin even the most perfect of relationships. You got engaged and now with the wedding bells nearing a miscommunication, it can ruin your special day of love. Remember before being man and wife you have to be best friends so that you better understand each other. In between the entire wedding planning take out time to talk with your partner about what they require, ask them about their desires and plans for the wedding. The communication will make your relationship stronger. 

  1. Spend Time Apart

Alright since you’re getting married it does not imply that you have to consistently stick  to your partner’s ideas and opinions. You both need to give each other space. The key to a happy married life is giving each other privacy. A wedding brings you together in the bond of foreverness but that does not bring an end to your personal life. Even in married life you’re  individual personalities first and secondly as husband and wife. Everyone has their own priorities which makes it more important to give each other space in a relationship. Let your better half have their own quality time with their group of people and friends as you give them space. Spend time apart from each other as this gives you also time to pamper yourself. 

  1. Have Fun

Getting hitched isn’t a serious business. It’s all about having fun. Indulge in the festive vibes of wedding and soak up in the colors of joy as you live every moment of your special day to the fullest. Break free from the stress and chaos of the wedding and enjoy its goodness. After all a wedding is all about creating a lifetime of happy memories. 

All set for your wedding? Tell us in the comments below about your wedding plans. 

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Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash