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Mandy Kloppers

How to improve self esteem


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Quick Tips to Help Improve Self-Esteem

1) Speak positively to yourself

Don’t be critical of yourself. Be kind to yourself and talk to yourself as you would to a dear friend.

2) Reward yourself

Allow yourself a treat now and then and make sure you reward yourself for positive behaviour.

3) Own your successes, no matter how small

It’s okay to congratulate yourself and to let others know that you are proud of yourself. Positive self regard is healthy.

4) Practise assertiveness

Don’t allow others to walk all over you – it will damage your self esteem. Aim for a ‘win-win’ situation where both parties needs are  met. Aggressive behaviour asserts: my needs ahead of yours. Passive behaviour asserts: your needs ahead of mine. Assertiveness aims for a happy balance.

5) Accept responsibility

When we blame others for our misfortune we leave ourselves feeling powerless. Accepting that we are responsible for where we are in life and our attitude to life is empowering and puts us back in charge of our future.

6) Don’t compare

What a waste of energy it is to compare ourselves to others. We all have different priorities and different ideas about fulfilment. Comparing yourself to others is like comparing shopping baskets after a trip to the grocery store and feeling upset because they bought items you don’t have and vice versa. We have different needs and want different outcomes…enjoy the items in your basket!

Mandy X

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