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How to Have an Elegant Quarantine Wedding

With a little creativity, a lot of love, and the desire to say “I do” right now, couples can still achieve a beautiful quarantine wedding. Let’s be honest. The coronavirus pandemic has changed our world for the moment, but nothing can stand in the way of two people destined to be together. Limits to social gathering size, travel restrictions, and even border closures may have changed the way you planned to walk down the aisle, but you can still make it happen, avoid the stress, and share the big day with those near and dear to you. Keep reading along for our quarantine wedding tips. 

Live-Stream It 

That’s right; you can use a video conferencing service to record your beautiful day and virtually include your loved ones and friends to be a part of your nuptials. All you need to do is sign up ahead of time for a free service like Zoom to get started. 

If you can create a wedding ceremony that doesn’t exceed the 40-minute time limit, you can design an amazing live-stream event that will certainly be unique and one for the record books. 

Don’t forget to have your guests “show up” attired in their finest, especially if you were planning on a black-tie wedding. Your guests can go for the glam as they watch your walk down the aisle from their homes. 

Socially Distant Ceremony 

Another cool way to tie the knot and achieve an elegant quarantine wedding is to hold the affair outdoors on a sunny, warm day in your back yard or even on the sidewalk of your big city neighborhood. It’s called a socially distant ceremony, and with a little imagination and safe apartness, you can create awesome nuptials. 

For example, springtime is a gorgeous season for saying “I do” as the grass is green, flowers are blooming, and the colors of nature are lovely to behold.  

When searching for a photographer make sure to look for someone in your area as most people will not be able to travel at this time. For example, if you live in Florida search for a wedding photographer in Fort Lauderdale, but be sure they are willing and able to make it to the ceremony. 

Wherever you are getting married you want someone to capture your moments of wedded bliss and still create those memorable photographs that every couple dreams about. 

A tiny garden wedding with close family and friends would be stunning with an arch or deck serving as your backdrop. The couple would be wed by a marriage officiant who would stand from a safe distance and perform the ceremony. In some states, governors have ordered to limit gatherings to no more than 10 people. 

One New York City couple recently tied the knot on a sidewalk as their marriage officiant performed the ceremony from his window on the fourth floor. It worked out well, and onlookers applauded several yards away. 

A Wedding Parade 

If the coronavirus has messed with your wedding plans, you can still have the big day go off without a hitch by having a small, intimate ceremony between the two of you and your marriage officiant. After the “I dos,” you can enjoy a wedding parade by driving around your community and cruising by your friends’ and families’ homes. They could come out, toss some rice for good luck and celebrate with you from their driveway. 

Honk the horn, let out cheers, decorate your ride with balloons and signs, etc. Your guests could also make a wedding car procession and drive behind you in your nuptials parade as you celebrate down Main Street on an unforgettable journey. 

Television news crews and newspaper reporters love a feel-good story like this one and would enjoy covering the event for your community to see. 

There are many creative ways to make your wedding memorable, unique, and still filled with love and good wishes. You can always have a big reception in the near future after the gathering restrictions have been lifted. 

A wedding day parade is fun and fabulous 

There’s an old expression that says, “Love conquers all,” and during challenging times like these, those words hold true. You can still have an elegant quarantine wedding and make it official ASAP because love and commitment are what truly matter when a couple comes together. Thinking outside of the box is key, and remember that you have some wonderful options as we outlined above. You may have to alter your wedding plans, but you don’t have to cancel them completely. 


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