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Mandy Kloppers

How to have a happy family life



Five Point Plan for Happy Family Life

1)Allow everyone to have their say in decision making that affects the family. Working collaboratively makes each family member feel valued and respected and leads to greater cohesion.

2)Respect each other’s differences and try to work with family members rather than forcing others to do things your way. A little freedom goes a long way to securing co-operation.

3)Create certain ground rules and make sure everyone is aware of these rules. Examples: regarding household chores or curfews. Stick to a few rules that are really important rather than too many rules that will lead to failure or non-compliance

4)Spend quality time together. We can often get stuck in a pattern of interacting that is superficial. Take time out to really get to know other family members and discover what makes them tick.

5)If you do just one thing: Communicate. Negotiation and compromise are essential for a happy family life. Authoritarian approaches rarely tend to work and do not foster co-operation in a family unit. Don’t make assumptions, ask if there is an issue. Allowing tension to build-up leads to misunderstandings and bad feelings towards each other. Clear the air regularly and diffuse tension on a regular basis.


Mandy X