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How To Get Your Teenager Off Cocaine?

Search for the top ten common issues for teenagers, and addiction will surely come on the list. Cocaine is a popular drug that an alarming number of teenagers are consuming. The drug is dangerous, but for teenagers, it can be lethal. Cocaine affects their brain functioning and slowly makes teenagers dependent on it.

Many young people try it for fun or because of peer pressure, and before they know it, they become addicted. Seeing your near and dear ones getting into substance abuse is painful. While cocaine addiction is prevalent and the drug is widely available, you can help teenagers overcome addiction.

Let’s learn a few ways to get your teenage off cocaine:

  1. Discover Treatment Options

Cocaine is a potent drug, and you cannot withdraw from it immediately.

Addict teenagers may need professional assistance to wean off the effects and overcome the addiction. Help them search for skilled facilities to help your loved ones leave the destructive substance. You can look for Delphi health group as they have made a reputation in assisting people in getting off cocaine and coming clean. The best part is they have treatment facilities across the country so that you do not have to cover long distances.

Professionals strategize a plan and have a follow-up to ensure that teenagers do not go into relapse.

  1. Create a Strong Bond

Studies show that many teenagers get into substance abuse as they feel lonely or under peer pressure. Sometimes they use it to increase productivity and sometimes just for fun. If you failed to cultivate a strong bond with them before, you can take the first step and establish a new relationship with them now.

Remember, overcoming addiction is not an easy path. Teenagers will need your support, and if you fail them to provide it, they might get into substance abuse again. Establishing a healthy relationship will keep you aware of their lives’ happenings. Besides, it will build trust, and they may confide in you about their withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Don’t Demonstrate Enabling Behavior

Often, family members unknowingly enable addicts because they do not predict the consequences. Enabling does not mean that you provide your loved ones with the destructive substance. Ignoring that they need help, resenting addicts, blaming situations, and considering addicts as victims are some traits of cocaine addiction enablers.

When you want your dear one to not go near the harmful drug, you must not enable them in any way. Take every opportunity to help them realize that its consequences can be lethal.

  1. Force Them to Sever Ties with Addict Friends

Let’s face it; it is not easy to deal with teenagers. When it comes to addicted teenagers, it becomes even more challenging. Since many young boys and girls take up habits of friends, you need to keep them away from bad influences.

Understand that asking them to stay away for addict friends won’t be easy. You need to be smart and think of proper strategies to make them understand bad influences. No matter what you have to do, you must ensure that your loved ones keep their distance from people who led them to cocaine; otherwise, they might relapse.

  1. Exercise Patience

Overcoming addiction is not only tricky for addicts but their families and friends. But you need to stay put and deal with them patiently.

Your teenagers may throw tantrums or emotionally blackmail you into trying the substance again. They might promise you that they need it only once and won’t go near cocaine again. You must have nerves of steel and stay firm and not give in to their requests.

Show tolerance and keep an eye on the goal. They may not understand that it is for their benefit, but you do. So, be patient and don’t succumb to emotional blackmail or be afraid of threats from your loved ones.

  1. Get Them Engaged in Productive Activities

Teenagers are energetic and must be invested in productive activities.

Overcoming addiction means changing their lifestyles. They may need to make new friends, find different hobbies, and move into other social circles. As their well-wishers, you must help them stay occupied.

Get them engaged in gardening, reading, doing workouts, or crocheting. Help them explore different hobbies and keep their mind occupied.

  1. Encourage Them to be Expressive

Many addicts confess that they did not feel comfortable expressing themselves. Bottling their feelings up led them to cocaine. Encourage your loved ones to vent out if they are feeling hurt. Lend them a listening ear when they want to speak.

You can help them explore different avenues of expression. Some young people may find painting a form of expression, and some may consider writing a catharsis process. While some may express themselves through poetry, others may feel comfortable speaking.

Letting their feelings out will help them curb the urge to cocaine, and gradually they can get off the destructive substance.

  1. Build a Support Network

Addicts cannot leave the habit on their own. Besides, during the overcoming process, they leave all their old friends. To get off the drug, ultimately, they will need support.

Help them find people who have successfully been through this journey before them. Or you can connect them to other teenagers who are also trying to overcome them. Staying in the company of like-minded people who encourage a clean and healthy lifestyle will positively influence and help them keep their hands off cocaine.

  1. Don’t Neglect Yourself

Seeing your loved ones getting addicted to cocaine is heart-wrenching and makes you want to do everything to stop them. While you can play a crucial role in helping them overcome, the process can be tedious; it can take a toll on you.

Take care of yourself and do not neglect your needs. Accept others’ help and try different stress management techniques. Understand that burdening yourself will neither help addicts nor yourself. On the contrary, it will have a negative impact. Be there for your dear ones, but not at the cost of your wellbeing.

The Bottom Line


Cocaine abuse does not bring anything good in the long term. On the contrary, it ruins people’s lives and makes their condition miserable. Today, its consumption among teenagers has become a significant concern. Regardless of what leads teenagers to cocaine, the truth is the consequences are severe. The good part is you can help them get off the destructive substance. 


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