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How to Get the Best Changing Table for Your Baby Nursery

On average newborn babies go through nappies at a rate of approximately 70 nappies each week. This amounts to a lot of time spent changing nappies, so, for this reason, selecting the best changing table to critical to a having fully functional nursery.


But before you make a purchase, there are other factors to consider before you select the best changing table for needs and home. In this article, we share a guide on how to choose the best changing table for your needs.


Types of changing tables

After conducting research you’ll soon discover that most changing tables fall into one of three classifications:

  • Convertible chest-top changing tables that also work as a dresser.
  • Two in one changing tables that link to the crib, such as these wondering diaper changing tables. They are excellent if you want to save space.
  • Traditional changing tables that provide a lot of storage.

What to look out for when shopping for a changing table for your little one:



All changing tables come in varying heights. You will discover that most of them come in a range of 91-109cm height. To avoid any back pain, you’ll need to select a changing table that is suitable and comfortable for your height.



It’s common knowledge for changing tables to offer tethers and anchors to prevent your little one from experiencing an accident. The furniture must also be linked and securely fitted to a wall to stop baby from falling over.

Storage alternatives

Keep all the items you’ll require close by, store them inside a baby changing unit with drawers to help ease your stress. You will undoubtedly need disposable wipes, nappies and nappy cream close by but also far enough to avoid your baby’s grip. Choose a unit that’s best for your needs.


Babys weight 

Diapering a squirmy, big baby is harder than you think. At a specific weight, it’s less risky to change them on a towel or pad placed on the floor.


Paint (Non-Toxic)

Some older more traditional changing tables can work well, but you need to be careful and be on the lookout for old-fashioned paintwork. It’s possible that some of these older paints could have lead traces in them, meaning they can be threatening to toddlers and babies.


How to select the best changing table for your needs

Below is a list of four changing tables to help you make your selection. No matter what your budget is or preferred style there are many options to choose from.


The Clara 3-drawer dresser and changer in ash and white

Improve your baby’s nursery with this changer and dresser. If you’re searching for spacious storage this piece of furniture together with its three big drawers is excellent for keeping and holding all the things you need for a baby.


It’s adjustable changing station and quiet calming white ash palette and beautiful white frame fit magically into any style nursery.

The Aylesbury 3-drawer dresser and changer in ash and white 

This one-of-a-kind dresser and changer is perfect for giving your baby’s nursery a contemporary look and feel. The Aylesbury is a three-drawer changer and dresser that’s made with soft-close drawer runners that are silent. This is to help make sure you don’t interrupt your baby’s sleep pattern. The three spacious compartments can accommodate all baby’s essentials and clothes and also keep them organized.

Troll torsten dresser and changer

The troll torsten changer and dresser is a cool chest with personality because of its angled brown legs, though it’s not only about fun because silence is important when looking for a softer close.


It’s wonderfully spacious so you will have more space to keep all those important baby care products nearby. You will also be able to keep the baby care unit yourself which can also be removed to allow you to have a useful unit for storage.


The troll lukas changing table in soft grey and natural

The Lukas changing table is one of the best additions you can make to any nursery. Its modern space-saving and bespoke design have a changing mat together with an accessory drawer beneath. It’s perfect for storing essential balms and wipes. Underneath it, there are two contemporary shelves for storing spare clothes and other baby essentials. It’s made from solid birch wood that’s finished to a high degree with water-based paints.

Last words

Changing mats and dressers are key baby essentials. They are an important piece of equipment for your bundle of joy. Investing in one will ensure your baby has a comfortable, supportive, and risk free changing experience.


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash



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