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How to get out of a crisis



How to get out of a crisis


When we make bad decisions repeatedly, life forces us into a crisis situation. We are faced with a drama and we have to make decisions. Denial and procrastination are no longer an option. How  to get out of a crisis is something that we all need to know:

1) First of all – Don’t catastrophise. We can tell ourselves that the situation is worse than it is and cause more instability for ourselves. When emotions are running high, it is east to catastrophise. Take a deep breath and see the situation as it is. The more we allow our emotions to grip us, the more we begin to feel powerless. “Learned helplessness” is a common experience when we give up being rational. We feel we have no power. So stop exaggerating the circumstances.  See it as it is not worse than it is.

2) Get to the truth and deal with it. What change needs to take place? New focus equals new paths. Deal with the cards you are dealt with. and learn to accept rather than resist what has been placed before you to deal with.  It may be unfair and wrong but you still have to deal with it.

Take control despite injustice

3) Have a vision. Get strong. We all need something to work towards. Look for something in the future , this helps you to gain more psychological fuel. Find a role model if this helps. You aren’t the first person in your situation and you won’t be the last. Others before you have succeeded in getting through the same crisis you are going through. Use these resources. Visualise. Brain storm. Figure out what you need to do progress from where you are to where you want to be…

A crisis can seem overwhelming. We have all been through tough times – finance, health, family etc  You have survived  tough times before. Gain strength from your past successes and remind yourself that you have it within you to get through another challenging time.

Use these questions to empower yourself:

What’s been one of the toughest times you got through?

A relationship breakdown, health issues, confidence crisis…

What pulled you through? A belief, a strategy, someone helped, you found inner faith? A person, a place, a belief??

What was your life before the crisis?? Was it good?

What did you do? How did you turn it around?

How is your life better today because you experienced this crisis? Stronger, more compassionate? more confident, hopeful, a new skill? Are you happier now that you have a comparison? Mentally, emotionally financially, spiritually…how did it serve you in the end?

Things are never as bad as they seem. Instead of catastrophising, pull up your sleeves and do what needs to be done.

Mandy X


Photo by Alan Cleaver