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How to Get Better Sleep This Summer

During the summer season, you may experience additional sleep challenges that will make getting a good night’s rest more difficult. If you’re concerned about your sleep, you’ll want to take the appropriate measures so that you won’t be left feeling groggy and sluggish throughout the long summer days. Here are a few ways that can help you get better sleep this summer.

Set an Ideal Room Temperature

One of the biggest factors that interfere with getting enough sleep in the summer is overheating because of the higher temperatures. Warm temperatures can even be prevalent throughout the night and may leave you feeling hot and sticky as you’re trying to sleep. According to Sleep.org, it’s generally best to set the thermostat to between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. Setting the thermostat’s temperature within this range will make it easier for your body to lower its own temperature naturally so that you can fall asleep. You can also use a cooling gel mattress, but more on that later. 

Make Your Bedroom as Dark as Possible

Daylight can last well into the evening hours and return in the early morning during the summer, and this creates more difficulties in keeping your bedroom dark enough to get the best sleep possible. A shade or blackout curtains can be placed over your bedroom window to filter out sunlight. Dark plastic film or aluminum can also be placed over the window to keep sunlight from shining into the bedroom. If light is getting through underneath your door, try rolling a blanket or towel and placing it along the door’s bottom edge. If you’re still having trouble making your bedroom dark enough, wearing a sleep mask may work well.

Get the Right Type of Mattress and Bedding

The mattress and bedding that you use may interfere with your sleep during the summer by causing you to overheat. The right gel memory foam mattress can help you sleep better thanks to its materials that are designed to feel cool and soothing on the body while sleeping. Another option, Egyptian cotton and bamboo bed sheets are known to prevent overheating and keep the body dry with their moisture-wicking capabilities. There are even pillows with breathable materials that are designed specifically to make sleeping more comfortable throughout the summer season.

Limit Certain Foods

Barbeques, picnics, and other summer get-togethers may include food that isn’t so agreeable with your stomach. Tangy barbeque sauce, zesty guacamole, and other spicy summer foods can leave your stomach feeling upset long after you’ve eaten, and this can make getting to sleep much more difficult. Nausea, indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems can leave you feeling miserable throughout the summer nights often if you try to spice up your meals during the season too much. If you’re still tempted to try some of these foods, it’s best to take a strong antacid before or immediately after you eat. Ginger, peppermint and chamomile tea are among the best natural remedies for alleviating upset stomachs and can help you sleep better.

Avoid Partying Too Much

The summer is the time to celebrate, but doing too much of it can make getting enough sleep more difficult. By attending a lot of social activities and other summertime events that last late into the night, you could be interfering with your body’s internal clock if you’re normally used to going to bed earlier. This may result in disjointed sleep patterns since your body might be confused as to when you should sleep and when you should remain awake. The occasional late-night celebration shouldn’t be too worrisome, but don’t make partying a habit if you want to get enough sleep throughout the summer.

Address Any Allergies or Respiratory Problems

Allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses are more problematic for some people in the summer, and failing to address these problems with the right treatments can cause sleep disruptions. Even if you’re feeling just a little stuffed up or sniffly, these problems could be compounded at bedtime and interfere with your breathing patterns as you try to sleep. Many over-the-counter medicines are formulated to treat allergies and respiratory problems and may help you rest easier. If your allergies or other respiratory problems are especially bad, you should see your doctor to receive allergy shots or other advanced treatments.

A good night of sleep is even possible when the summer season is in full swing. By finding solutions to the problems that could be keeping you up at night, you can enjoy the splendors of the season feeling more rested.

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