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Mandy Kloppers

How To Fix Your Embarrassing Issues

Let’s face it, we all have our own little issues that we dislike about ourselves, and no matter how small they are, they can really start eating away at you and affect your mental health, and even sometimes your physical health too. No matter what age you are, we all struggle with our own insecurities, but know that there are always things you can do to make things that little bit easier.

It may not feel like there’s a lot to be done, especially when you’re already really down in yourself. But there is always an answer to everything, you just have to believe in it and get the appropriate help when it’s offered to you. And if it isn’t handed to you on a platter – go and find it yourself and demand to be seen. There are so many things that you aren’t able to control in your life, but what you can control, is how you look after your health, both physically and mentally.

So regardless of your age or gender, here are some common issues that arise in life, and how you can deal with them.

Losing your hearing

It’s an awful feeling to know that you’re losing your hearing, especially as it’s something that happens gradually. You go from day to day as you normally would, until you start realising you’re having to ask people to repeat what they’re saying over and over again. This is just something that happens with age, but there may come a point where it’s a little too much now and you’re going to need some kind of help to sort out your hearing. It starts off simply by making an appointment with your doctor and asking them to refer you to a professional who deals with cases like this, and as a result, you should be given your very own hearing aids specifically designed and suited for you.

Suffering from severe acne

Acne is such a horrible thing to have to deal with, especially if you’re still going through school and college, but even then, some people suffer at a lot older age than that too, meaning they’re a grown adult with severe acne. Probably the worst thing is that it’s over your face, so it’s not like you can just hide it under clothes. This can play a huge part in your mental health and the way you see yourself as a person, but there is help out there, so never feel like you need to give up or stay miserable all your life. First it’s the basics, like making sure you always wash your face with a good cleanser and exfoliator, as well as using an SPF. And always try and avoid touching your face with your hands as they carry so much bacteria. But if this still isn’t doing the job, make an appointment with your doctor who will refer you to a dermatologist and find you the best form of treatment for your skin.

Mandy X