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How to Fix Diastasis Recti Naturally

Diastasis Recti, also referred to as rectus diastasis is a condition that is characterized by separation of anterior abdominal muscles. It occurs during the pregnancy due to the pressure that a growing baby puts inside the uterus. As a consequence, linea Alba, a connective tissue, stretches and weakens, leaving a gap. 

According to the statistics, approximately one-third of women experience diastasis recti during pregnancy. Although the condition can correct itself after a couple of months, this is not the case with all women. Nevertheless, it can still be fixed through targeted core exercises and other natural ways. Do you still have doubts? Check out the following tips on how to fix diastasis recti


Eat a Balanced Diet 


Whatever you eat will determine how your body heals and recovers. Therefore, proper nutrition can speed up the repair process of your body. Diversely, poor dieting will slow down your recovery rate. 

Since your abdominal muscles are made up of collagen fibers, you will require food that is rich in vitamin C, minerals, essential fatty foods, and proteins. These nutrients work together to boost the production of collagen, which can restore the elasticity of your muscles. 


Log Roll 


Log Roll is one of the exercises you can practice to fix diastasis recti. Since crunching the muscles of your abdomen can worsen your situation, going in and out of your lying position can help. All you have to do is following the below steps 

  • Start by going down on your side. 
  • Roll on your back 
  • When coming up, roll to your side 
  • Press the hands to come up 


Diaphragm Breathing Exercise 


Diaphragm breathing is another exercise that you can try out if you are still wondering how to fix diastasis recti. It works by relieving the pressure inside your abdomen by not breathing through your belly or upper chest. 

To perform diaphragm breathing, lie on your back then put your hand on the side of your ribcage. Once done, attempt breathing in a manner that you can feel your rib cage expanding outside and backward once you inhale. 

Rebuild Your Core 


Rebuilding your core does not mean you do typical exercises, which target and isolate abdominal muscles. As popular as they are, they can be dangerous to a post-pregnancy body and may also not fix your condition. However, practicing core compressions can be a better alternative. 

To start the exercise, sit up straight and bend your knees as you lay your feet flat on the floor. When exhaling, press your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles up and back in the direction of your spine. Once done, relax and inhale then start over again for 10 to 20 breaths. 


Lower Abdominal Pressure 


Another exercise tip on how to fix diastasis recti is by lowering the abdominal Pressure. In this case, yoga exercise can do miracles. However, it is wise to work with a qualified instructor at the beginning of your training, particularly after birth.  

There are specific programs that are specifically designed for new mothers. Moreover, there are others that you can take with your newborn. All in all, you should stay away from poses that lengthen the abdomen, such as the upward facing dog. 

Fixing rectus diastasis does not only involve getting rid of the popping belly. It is also about restoring the normal function of your abdominal muscles. Remember to always work with a certified personal trainer for better results.  

Photo by alan KO on Unsplash