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How to Feel More Confident as an Introvert, According to a Therapist

Each person is unique with gained knowledge, habits, skills, and positive and negative traits. Scientists collected information on usual behavioral patterns among people and represented the division between two psycho types. In two words, people are introverts and extroverts. Now we can explain our weird actions and states with these.


The terms introvert and extrovert occurred in English dictionaries in 1755. However, they appeared in scientific circles at the beginning of the 20th century. Let’s say thanks to the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. In his book Psychological Types, he gave a detailed description of each of them. According to the volume introverts (from the Latin intro – inside) are people whose life energy is turned inward. What is it to be an introvert?


In this article, we will take a closer look at introverts and their unique way to be calm, confident, and happy. You will find therapeutical tips to improve the quality of life. Come along!

1. Think of why

There is a thought that introverts do not need noisy companies. We imagine a quiet person who sits on the sofa and reads a book. At the same time, snow falls outside. He relaxes alone or with close friends. But social events, parties, and holidays with crowds of people do not disappear anywhere. No matter how hard an introvert tries, there might be fests that he has to attend. In case you feel the absence of desire and it is too much for you, try to do the following to survive through a noisy holiday with a bunch of people. In a noisy crowd, introverts feel a stream of external stimuli that is too much for them. It confuses and makes them feel unhappy. Thus, you should come up with a few quests for yourself, and you will have at least some sense to communicate with people at the party. For example, if you are going to a friend’s birthday party, pay more attention to him. What can you help with? And if you want to diversify your social circle (or start it), choose the most attractive strangers and try to chat with them. “A specific goal will help you clearly understand why “am I doing here”. And more importantly, it will help you stay focused and calm”, – says Willian Bander, introvert and marketing director at Writing Judge writing review service.

2. Have rest as you get used to before and after the meeting

Introverts restore energy in solitude and spend it in society. Before spending your energy on communication and new acquaintances, you have to acquire it. Try to be alone for a while and do some things you love: read a book, listen to music, or watch an episode of your favourite series. In case you should go and know no one at the meeting, that will relieve some stress and make you relax. After the party, also try to make time for your favourite activities to replenish your energy reserves, and do not plan any social events for the next day. If you wait for important events in the upcoming morning, you may leave the party earlier. So, you have a few quiet hours before bed.


This will not only help you relax and recover but also allow you to change your attitude toward noisy gatherings. After all, if you come from an event without the usual depression and fatigue, then you are more likely to wait for the next such event, and not be afraid of it.

3. Take care of yourself

Some people have to listen to their states. That is not about narcissism or some kind of vulnerability. If required, introverts are good communicators as long as they are good listeners. As long as they prefer spending time on their own, they devote that time to the things they are interested in. Thus, they know more or have some particular skills it would be interesting to share with others. The problem arises when too many friends or strangers gather in the same room. Let’s say you are filled with energy before the party, but this does not mean that your strength is enough for the entire event. So, once you’ve arrived at the venue, find a “haven” for yourself, where you can hide and rest if necessary. A few minutes alone will help you take a break from the external stimuli that affect introverts so much. You may spend some time writing pages. By the way, introverts are usually good writers like specialists from BestWritersOnline.


It’s even easier if you’re at your party. Here you can not look for a place to relax, but arrange it for yourself. For example, making a balcony or bedroom a special place for introverts, where you and people with a similar behavioral type can take a break. Do not judge your character traits. Remember that many people feel good in your company because introverts are the best listeners and sensitive advisers.

4. Follow friends

That is a pleasure to have sincere conversations with close people. It may be comfortable to talk whether there are two of you, however, it promises some certain discomfort when new people come. Yet, do not be afraid to expand your comfort zone. Whether your friend calls you to a new place do not hurry up to deny. Introverts often face some communication problems, especially with new people. If you can’t just get to know someone, friends will help. For example, let an extrovert friend start a dialogue with a new person, and you join the conversation then. Or in another way: you can start a conversation with a friend, and then involve strangers in your discussion. Some results of these new acquaintances will surprise you! You may turn them into something new and long-lasting. Not bad if you have a few outgoing extroverted friends. They, as a rule, do not sit in one place for a long time. On the contrary, constantly communicate with one company to another, making new acquaintances. Doing that way time after time you will collect positive feedback about your personality and you will not feel much stress. You will be more confident that you will find an interesting company in any case.

5. Accept small talk as part of life

You are unlikely to meet new people without simple conversations. You can talk for hours on topics that interest you, but most people will say that this is boring. Small talk brings together people who are quite distant from each other. You may ask who you work, where you live, who do you know, what do you think about some event, and so on. All this has to be discussed before you move on to more interesting topics for you. Do not insist on yourself if you do not want to talk. The distance at which introverts keep people is not a sign of arrogance. The ability to focus on their inner world, feelings, and experiences allows introverts to understand others. Besides, that is a fact that introverts are skillful leaders with a unique managing style. If you keep silent, you may encourage other people to talk and show you the ability to listen well. Besides, for informal communication at work, experts recommend that introverts spend 30 minutes a day. And the rest of the time, retire with headphones and your favorite playlist.

Feel free and confident at any gathering. Use the tips and enjoy any party. We wish you a good time!

Photo by Tanner Boriack on Unsplash

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