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How to Feel better about yourself


How to Feel better about yourself

Do something you’ve been putting off

Stop that nagging voice in your hear or the unnecessary guilt and bad feelings about yourself by tackling and completing something you have been putting off. There is always a great feel-good factor in accomplishment that will help you feel better about yourself.

Focus on gratitude – scientifically proven to make you feel better

You are more likely to feel happier if you focus on the things you appreciate about yourself (and the world for that matter) than if you focus on what you don’t like. It is only when our bodies stop working for us that we realise how hard our little bods really do work every day to allow us to breathe, move around and express ourselves. Focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Make a list if need be to remind you of all you have achieved and how far you have come.

Treat yourself like your best friend

Accept compliments. don’t play it down. Why not even brag a little? It’s not arrogant to like you who are – it’s healthy.

Challenge and replace negative thoughts

Thoughts lead to feelings. If the thoughts are negative, the feelings will be too. This will lead to you feeling bad about yourself and you  may end up avoiding things and others. Get in the habit of monitoring your thoughts. When you find yourself being negative about yourself, ask yourself how that us helpful to you. It usually isn’t… replace negative thoughts with more positive ones. Instead of, “I am such an idiot as I can’t ever get anything right”…try replace it with something more realistic like, “I may make mistakes but everyone does. This doesn’t mean I am an idiot – I am human”. The kinder we are to ourselves, the happier we will feel and the more confident we will be.

Self esteem and feeling good about yourself are not  ‘static states’ and it will vary. Keep working at self love and respect. The more you give it to yourself, the more others wil too.

Mandy X

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