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Mandy Kloppers

How to Embrace Who You Are

You would think it would be the easiest thing to simply be who you are, but its more difficult than expected. With so many pressures from society and outward influence in every decision you make, it can take a strong person to fully be who they are and say no when they want to say no. Nevertheless, embracing yourself and the person you want to be is essential on the road to happiness and for having high self-esteem.  

If youre looking for a little help in staying true to yourself, read on.  

  • Dont Be Influenced During the Important Choices  

There are many acknowledged important milestones in life. While these are personal and different for everybody, you can generally accept that decisions such as education, careerand family life are the big decisions to make for everyone. There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to these decisions because you will naturally want to base your choice on what other people are doing.  

If you are a student considering university, its natural to want to latch on to the friends you have already made and follow them to their chosen university – or maybe even the same subject. However, these friends you have now may not be your friends for life, and when it comes to education, you need to make the right choice for yourself. If the field you really wish to go into is difficult or expensive, consider alternative universities that offer Utah scholarshipsas discussed on CampusReel. Dont make your education choice based on what everyone else is doing.  

It’s also important not to feel pressure from others, especially regarding career and family life. Try to avoid comparing yourself to others and what others have achieved at a certain age. Your life is your own, and theres no right or wrong.  

  • Establish Your Style and Identity  

It may be something youve known all along, but its amazing how easily your own identity can be put on the backburner when youre trying to fit in or please others. You may even end up in denial with yourself. Take small steps to gradually learn more about who you are. This could be:  

  • Considering the clothes that you feel most confident and comfortable in, regardless of what other people are wearing. 
  • Considering what your perfect day would be. Is it dragging yourself out to social occasions, or do you find that you actually feel happiest at home with a book? Theres nothing wrong with being introverted. Likewise, if youve been staying in too much, dont be afraid to embrace the extrovert in you if youve been feeling stifled.  
  • Meet new people. Only by being around people who have the same interests as you and the same outlook on life will you feel more at home with who you are. You can easily begin to doubt who you are if youre around the wrong people, but that doesnt mean theres anything wrong with you.  
  • Do Things Which Scare You  

If youve been avoiding doing things you really want to do simply because of fear, youre missing out on valuable experiences. Especially if these experiences are the pinnacle of who you really are as a person, such as relating to an interest you have or just something youve always wanted to do. Actively trying to do more things which scare you allows you to embrace more of who you are and what you want to do.  

Not only that but only once out of your comfort zonedo you truly understand who you areBy doing things that scare you, you may discover your new favorite pastime, meet likeminded people, or simply find the confidence you never knew you had.