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How to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom: A Handy Checklist

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Bedroom redecorating is never an easy process, especially when you are preparing for a special guest. However, we have created a handy checklist that covers every area of the bedroom to assist you in organizing your decorating job and to also make your guest bedroom look beautiful and comfortable for your special guests.

8 Items for a Remarkable Guest Room Decor

1. Quality Bedding

Ensuring a good night’s sleep for stressed travelers is paramount when setting up your guest room. First, check the quality of the mattress and the comfort it provides before setting out to create the ideal guest bedroom. 

A pom-pom duvet and a soft rug come in handy when creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance while adding a touch of luxury. 

For the bed? A trundle bed with additional sleeping space can be used to improve the sleeping experience and provide flexibility for hosting visitors.

Bed, duvet, blanket…. Check! But what about head comfort?

You can provide your guests pillows in three various filling levels—hard, medium, and soft—to choose from. 

2. Color

Color influences mood. How do you want your guest to feel when they walk into the guest bedroom? Definitely not tired and dull! You want them to feel welcome, excited and make the room feel airier and brighter, so go for lighter hues with items that burst with color to provide a playful touch. If you must use darker shades, let it be on one wall to break monotony- that’s what we call an accent wall.

3.  Clutter-Free Interiors

When a bedroom is free of clutter, it will appear to be more spacious and inviting. In case you have a small bedroom, it’s best to maximize storage. You can have lofts and wardrobes to store all of your extra blankets, and bedding and leave a shelf for your guests to store their belongings. Make good use of under the bed storage and vertical wall space to create space for storage. 

4. Curtains

Curtains are not only functional but they make a room feel cozier. Consider extending the curtain rod beyond each side of the glass and over the top of the frame to give the impression that your windows are wider than they are. Make sure the drapes are open to bring in as much natural light as possible. 

Depending on the season and your mood, you may adjust the illumination levels by purchasing double or triple curtain rods. Combine a sheer curtain with a blackout substitute to allow the summer light to flood through the windows while blocking out the chilly winter evenings.

5. Walls

While most people don’t necessarily pay attention to walls, they can be a simple highlight to a boring bedroom. And trust me, you don’t have to buy wall paint to make them fun, simple wall decals can do the trick. You can also use wallpaper, which you can change every season- and if you want to go above and beyond, use a wallpaper that reflects the interests of  your guest. If they like the outdoors, get one that depicts exactly that with maybe forests, a cabin or rocks.

6. Great Lighting 

A well-lit guest bedroom exudes coziness and a welcoming atmosphere. The illumination from the bedside lamp and other sources is essential for a lovely guest bedroom. And you’re not limited to the bedside lamp, you’ll find great lighting options for bedrooms like ceiling fixtures, reading lights or even wall sconces for a decorative touch.

7. Personal Hygiene and Toiletries

Stock essential requirements such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, cream, and fresh towels in a basket in the bathroom or guest room. Keeping adequate toilet paper handy can also save visitors the embarrassment of asking for more. 

Your guest will feel more comfortable and independent with these little touches. If you want to take it a step further, fragrant buds or candles will put in a gorgeous glow.

8. Flooring

There is nothing as soothing as stepping out of bed at dawn and letting your feet feel the plush carpet; gorgeous carpeting can quickly alter any bedroom.

Nevertheless, it’s very difficult to keep carpets clean, particularly when you have small kids and puppies. In cases like this, wooden floors are a perfect option since they are quite easy to maintain, and keep the room looking classy and warm.  A wavy design is an incredible alternative to classic herringbone flooring.


Putting considerable detail into your guest bedroom design turns it from a place of sleep to a cozy haven. Every component, from the benefit of a trundle bed with extra sleeping space to the elegance of a well-selected décor, sums up a remarkable experience.

Putting together the items on this checklist, you’re set out on a quest to build not just a stunning room but also a lasting relationship with your visitors—one that communicates coziness and hospitality.


Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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