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Mandy Kloppers

How to deal with real triggers


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Over the last couple of years, people have started to use the word “triggered” far too frivolously. Making it hard to take seriously, a lot of people view this part of someone’s personality as a myth, often ignoring the concerns people have when having to face the things which make them feel bad. Of course, though, being such emotional creatures, there will always be small cues which can force you to feel a certain way. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the real triggers in your life, along with some of the ways to deal with them.


First, though, it’s a good idea to understand what a trigger is. In reality, this probably isn’t something which will send you into a nervous breakdown or a panic attack. Instead, the sort of trigger this post is referring to are the things in life which make you feel strong negative emotions, such as places, smells, and sounds. With the way that senses are tied to memories, everyone has to deal with this struggle at some point in their life. This makes the way that you handle it all the more critical.


Of course, thanks to this being down to memories and senses, you have some great options to choose when it comes to getting rid of the pain they can cause. If you are struggling with a place, for example, you can simply remove it from your life, finding moving companies near me to help you to get out of there. When it comes to things like sounds and smells, you may have a harder time of avoiding them, and this will mean coming up with some extra methods to get you through.


There are countless articles, blogs, and other resources offering advice to help people with triggers around the web. Taking things which people have learned while suffering with OCD, people have been able to come up with loads of great exercises which can take your mind away from the negative feeling you’re experiencing. Whether this is done through breathing, listening to music, or any other route, having something to distract you from the troubling parts of life is a good plan.


Finally, as the last part of this, when something weighs on your mind enough to make it hard to live with, it’s probably time to go and see someone with the skills to support you. There are loads of different kinds of doctor out there, with loads of them specialising in helping people to keep their minds healthy. While they will put you through your paces, their help could be everything you need to enter a new chapter of your life.


No one should have to live with things which make them feel bad, especially during everyday life. To avoid this sort of struggle, it’s always worth doing plenty of work, enabling yourself to step away from the parts of life which drag you down. Of course, along with this, it could also be worth talking to those closest to you about the hard things you have to live with.

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