Mandy Kloppers

How to Create Cozy Space in Your Home

With all that is happening in the world, it comes as no surprise that you are in need of a safe space to escape from your work troubles, hide away from those people that are getting on your last nerves, and to disappear from the rest of the world and its burdens. For those reasons, plus more, it is vital to create a comfortable, cozy space in your home. This may be difficult since your home has become your office, gym, school, movie theatre, and restaurant, but it will be worth it! So, where should you start? Here are a few tips on how to make a cozy space that is perfect for you! 

Add Some Green

A simple way to create a cozy space is by adding plants. They will bring new life to your home and will help you feel more settled and comfortable. Plus, they will help contribute to providing you with fresh and clean air. If you aren’t ready to commit to taking care of another living thing yet, you can opt for less demanding house plants, like a succulent garden, or even fake plants that will give you a fresh feeling without the commitment. 

Immortalize Special Moments 

Stop keeping your memories digital. Getting an 11 by 14 canvas will help you to get some of your favorite memories and pictures out of your phone and onto your walls. You can pick an image of you and your closest pals, family, or even a picture you took. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can print out and hang on the walls! Being able to reminisce on whatever memory you choose will help to add cozy vibes to your space 

Give it Some Warmth 

fire place

Photo by Hayden Scott on Unsplash

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a fireplace to cuddle up by. Maybe you do, but you are trying to burn less. Either way, it might be time to invest in an electric fireplace to cozy up next to! This helps create a space to get your creative juices flowing toward being your best self. You will be able to finally relax, work, read, or drink by the fire, making your home the coziest it has ever been! 

Enjoy a Comforting Drink 

When you are relaxed near your new fireplace, add in a warm drink and you will be the coziest of all! Whether your drink is tea, coffee, hot cocoa with marshmallows, or a hot toddy, you will want to keep it as warm as possible. Getting an insulated mug is a game changer. It will keep your drink warm for hours as you lounge your day away! Ideally, you should get a color that makes you feel comfy and relaxed. A warm drink from a lovely colored mug—you just can’t go wrong! 

Treat Yourself to a Fluffy Blanket 

You most likely already have tons of blankets, but we think it is time to upgrade to one that will take your cozy game to the next level. This way, you have an item that will help you recharge, become refreshed, and feel your best! Be sure to get a color that complements your space. We obviously support you in getting the fluffiest, coziest, most oversized blanket you can find! 

Keep it Smelling Fresh 

No one likes a musty home, especially when you are trying to ease your mind, release stress, and have a cozy environment. Essential oils are a great tool to use to keep your home smelling fresh. By using them in a diffuser, your home will feel cozier than ever before! Plus, diffusers work to add moisture to your space. This will help you stop getting too dry during the colder months!  


Remember, your home is meant to be your safe haven. Don’t be afraid to make it the coziest, most comfy place you can!