Mandy Kloppers

How to Create a Luxurious Getaway in Your Own Backyard

With so many families sticking close to home to help to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that backyard renovation is a hot topic. With the right additions to your yard, you can turn this space into your own personal oasis. Doing so will allow you to feel like you are on vacation without even having to leave the house. Here are five ways that you can create a luxurious getaway in your backyard.


Add a Water Feature


Nothing creates a resort-like atmosphere more than the sound of trickling water. This makes including a water feature in your renovation an integral part of your project.


There are numerous ways that you can achieve this. A bubbly fountain is an obvious choice for both visual appeal and the sound that it will create. For something truly extravagant, go big with a koi pond. A birdbath will also attract these feathery creatures while providing an element of luxury.


Set the Mood with Lighting


The right lighting can have a powerful effect on your backyard area. Adding soft outdoor lighting can turn your space into a true retreat. Lanterns convey a dreamy feel to any area. Or hang a string of bulbs around the perimeter of your yard.


Every backyard needs some type of fire pit to add warmth and cozy light. The flicker of the flames will create a magical evening every time that you spend time outside. For a tropical feel, consider lining the edge of your yard with tiki torches. There is no limit to what you can create with the right lighting in place. Be sure to pair these lights with some great mood music to complete the theme.


Turn Up the Heat with a Softub


If you do not have space or the money to install a swimming pool, a hot tub makes a great alternative. For something more unconventional, consider a lightweight softub. This type of feature is portable, durable, and versatile, making 110V hot tubs the perfect addition to your backyard resort.


You will love dipping into your tub at the end of the day with a drink in hand. Or invite friends over for a weekend party. In addition, a softub provides immense therapeutic benefits. You will not be able to remember what life was like before you had this source of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Break Out the Comfortable Seating


You cannot expect to feel comfortable in your outdoor space if you do not have the right seating. Comfortable and cozy seating is a must-have item in your luxurious space. Start your collection with a patio table and chairs. A comfy lounger with cushions will deliver a resort vibe to your yard.


If you have space, consider adding a seating area that is separate from the patio set. This will allow plenty of space for guests to mingle and have separate conversations. Outdoor cushions will ensure that everyone is comfortable. Hanging a hammock will encourage people to get comfortable with a book or even take a nap while swinging in the breeze. It will not take long before you feel like you are on a real vacation.


Focus on Accents and Details


Once you have all of the major pieces in place, you can begin to focus on the little details. Accents that will make a big impact include candles or ceramic pots placed on your outdoor tables. Or try adding an outdoor rug to your seating area to create a sense of warmth and comfort in this space.


If you really want to elevate your backyard into something that resembles a resort, consider adding an outdoor tiki bar. You will love serving your guests a cocktail made behind your festive bar area. Hang some twinkling lights above the bar and you will be able to imagine that you have been transported to a tropical island. A mobile drink cart is a fabulous alternative to a full bar.


You will not regret investing the time and money into your backyard. Every time that you step into this paradise, you will appreciate that you always have the option to relax and enjoy the great outdoors in the comfort of your own backyard.