Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

How to cope with stress

There are ways to cope with stress and learning to cope with stress is essential as it is an unavoidable part of life.

How to cope with stress involves acceptance. This is key. Resisting stress and fighting it will make you more anxious and stressed out. Instead try to change the way you think about stress.

See stress as a sign that you are alive, that you are immersed in life and doing what is required. Try to put a positive spin on stress rather than seeing it an dangerous or damaging. Some scientists say it can work if you tell yourself that stress is an indication of excitement, of your body preparing you. If you look at it this way, stress is less likely to freak you out whereas if you see stress as something you should be able to avoid and see it is as bad for your health, you will be more inclined to suffer more.

Be very aware of your interpretations and try to see the funny, less serious side of life. Watch the unhelpful thinking like over generalising or using black and white thinking. Your thoughts are supremely powerful and what you tell yourself will create your experience of life.

Stress is a part of life, see it as necessary and find ways to see it as less threatening and perhaps even good for you on some levels. This will help you to cope with stress and desensitise from its effects.

Mandy X