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How to Cope with Erectile Dysfunction – Your ED Clinic San Diego Advises

If you feel like you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, know that you are just one of the millions of men who are on it. And the only way out is if you go through it with proper medications and coping solutions.  


Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where a man struggles to erect or keep an erection long enough to have a satisfying sexual experience. Although it can happen to younger men with certain conditions, most ED patients are aged 40 and above. As per the National Institutes of Health in the United States, 5 and 15 to 25 in every 40-years old and 100 65-years old men are suffering from erectile dysfunction. As per health professionals who are expert at managing erectile dysfunction conditions,  


Experts have pointed out that dysfunction is not a normal phase all men are bound to go through. However, as they can happen to some, knowing the ways to properly cope with, and resolve, erectile dysfunction eventually is extremely important 


That said, if you are suspecting that you are facing the same manly condition, below are advises your ED Clinic San Diego wants you to heed.  


ED Clinic San Diego Advises You To 


  • Be aware of the health issues that may enhance your chances of acquiring ED. 


If you have been having low testosterone levels, or you are dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes, any heart or neurological disease, you have to manage these conditions and seek proper medication immediately. Otherwise, the problem can escalate and lead to other medical conditions like erectile dysfunction. Such conditions or the likelihood to get them intensify with age. This is why men with erectile dysfunction are mostly old-aged.  


  • Not smoke. 



  • Moderate your affair with alcohol. 


Although you feel like alcohol can enhance your libido, it is, for a fact, a depressant and consuming it excessively can hinder your ability to get erected, no matter your age. Even men who drink occasionally but excessively can have an increased likelihood of getting erectile dysfunction.  


The key here is to always drink alcohol in moderation.  


  • Exercise regularly and follow a sex-healthy diet.  


Go for a run at the park twenty to thirty minutes daily or follow simple CrossFit routines that can only last for 15 minutes. What matters is you have allotted a portion of your day to sweat out your toxins and improve your blood flow to all your body areas including your pelvic region where your sexual parts and hormones are present. Working out is an effective libido enhancer and it strengthens your stamina to be on the game. It also lessens your chances to acquire conditions that have erectile dysfunction as a side effect 


As much as possible, you also have to stay away from unhealthy food and maintain a normal BMI. Obesity’s link to erectile dysfunction has been proven. Hence, you will surely be able to decrease your chances by choosing a healthy diet that is low on fat and high in nutrients.  


  • Cope with your stress and anxiety.  


Anxiety and stress can negatively affect your sexual performance and are also identified as culprits to erectile dysfunction. When you are stressed or anxious, you will more likely to be in a state of depression where the loss of interest in everything, including sex, is highly likely. If you must feel down, bounce back as quickly as possible. Do not let overthinking and unnecessary anxiety eat you up.  


  • Communicate your ED issue with your partner.  


Erectile dysfunction can be hard and embarrassing to open up about and this has been true for most men who hid their conditions with their partners. However, this failure to communicate can actually produce a boomerang effect. When your partner feels like you are secretive and distant, she might get drawn away from the relationship and it might cause heartache and a problem on top of a problem. Since your condition will surely affect your sexual performance, it is best to be honest and open about it to decrease fear and anxiety and freely find a treatment.  


  • Bear in mind that your sex life and everyone else’s is unique.  


If you struggled to achieve an erection at some point, you are not alone. When it comes to sexual relationships and functioning, the definition of normal widely varies. Generally, if you and your partner feel comfortable with your sex life and you enjoy your intimacy together, then you will less likely have erectile dysfunction. However, if you are suffering from it and it is stressing you out that you end up comparing your sex life with others’, then you will eventually drown in anxiety further which can worsen your condition.  


  • Have a session with your relationship counselor.  


Problems in the relationship are likely to arise when the man suffers from erectile dysfunction and the condition can complicate. However, as these are mostly psychologically triggered, having a session with a relationship counselor or a sex therapist will surely help mitigate potential relationship issues that hinder a great sexual experience.  


  • Seek all medical options.  


There are a number of treatments available in the market for erectile dysfunctions but they do not work the same for everyone in terms of benefits and side effects. Coping with erectile dysfunction is something that should be best done with an ED doctor. If you are in San Diego, it is easy to find a reliable ED Clinic that will guide you on your way out even if it means going for alternatives, e.g. testosterone replacement, vacuum pump devices, or surgical penile implant to treat your ED if the typical medications do not work.  


The earlier you act on it, the better and sooner you will recover. Hence, if you notice any pressing symptoms linked to the condition like having a hard time getting and keeping an erect, experiencing a reduced sexual desire, having frequent premature or delayed ejaculations, or if you have other conditions can lead to ED like heart disease or diabetes, you should see a doctor right away for a medical advice.  


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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