Mandy Kloppers

How to Cope With a High Stress Job

Stress is a necessary part of the working world, and some forms of stress can even be a healthy addition to your career. However, when you are working a high-stress job it’s easy to let the pressure of your working life get to you from time to time. Here are some top tips for how to cope with a high-stress job, whether you’re an emergency room nurse in New York or a court reporter Sacramento.

Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Help

When you are placed in a stressful position you are probably there for a good reason: because people know they can depend on you to deliver results when it matters most. This can take a toll on a person, especially as time moves on. Even if you are in a senior position, it’s important to remember that you have a team around you for a reason.

It’s never a bad thing to reach out and ask your co-workers for help if you feel as though you are struggling to keep your head above water. When you have major deadlines, asking for help to offload certain tasks can free you up to double down on your unique skills. 

Take a Break When Needed

Breaks are a necessary part of work. There’s an old saying that says “work hard, play harder,” and this is especially true for those who work jobs that are stressful. There’s no bad way to take a break whether it’s splurging on a nice vacation or financing a pool for your home.

Regular breaks can give you a sense of peace and clarity that you can take with you back to the workplace. Oftentimes high-stress jobs are so grating because they seem to never let up. When you prioritize breaks you can give yourself a way to relieve some of this pressure.

Monitor Your Physical Health

Stress often takes major physical tolls on your mind as well as your body. Dealing with stressful tasks at work is often even more difficult if you are not eating well and neglecting to get adequate physical exercise. Making sure to eat well, get plenty of sleep, and hit the gym is one of the best holistic approaches to dealing with stress in your life and your job.

If you are having trouble putting the right habits in place then you may want to consider getting an accountability partner. Find a coworker or friend who has a similar schedule to yours and plan regular workout sessions together. You can also make sure you are keeping each other to ask about diet and fitness goals.

Speak to Someone

When you find that the stress of your job is getting to be too much, you can always reach out and speak with a licensed professional. Many companies have mental health support hotlines that you can contact for this very reason. Stress is very real in its ill health effects and if left unchecked these issues can easily bloom into something even more detrimental.

Talking with a therapist or other professional can help to give you perspective on your work. It can remind you of your larger purpose and fill you up with renewed energy for the tasks at hand. Finding a therapist in your area might feel daunting, but doing so is well worth your time.

Don’t Neglect Your Personal Life

Finally, you should never let your personal life crumble by the wayside because you are working a stressful job. Far too many people lose themselves in their work, only to realize they are not spending enough time with their family, enjoying their hobbies, and focusing on building a life outside of work. The more you remember to connect with your personal life, the easier it will be to deal with stress.

Dealing with a high-stress job is not always easy for several reasons. However, when you remember to take care of yourself and follow the tips outlined above you will be in a better state of mind to handle whatever comes your way.