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Mandy Kloppers

How to cope when you feel disillusioned with life


Place a ban on TV/newspapers and be selective with social media

The media can be one of the worst culprits in ruining a positive mood. Placing a temporary ban on all the negativity can help you to rebalance and gain your equilibrium. Be selective about social media too. Facebook can be great for catching up with friends but it can also be a source of distress and anxiety. When we feel sad we tend to look or examples that confirm the way we feel which in turn makes us feel even worse. We compare ourselves to other’s seemingly wonderful lives and this reinforces our sense of despair. Take a break from the mind numbing brain washing and fill your head with happier and healthier things.

Look for joy around you

A pet, a favourite place…small things. Someone laughing, kindness from a stranger. Focus on the good stuff. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to look for small examples in life that restore our faith in humanity but they are there.

Find some fun

A feel-good/funny movie, an interesting app on your phone, a fun game…book a holiday if youfun photo can. Even a day or two away can make a difference and jog you out of your thinking rut. Buy yourself something that cheers you up or go for a massage. Often, we put ourselves last on the list and allow life and the expectations of others t come before our own needs. This can deplete our resources and lead us to be more susceptible to anxiety and depression.Go on – spoil yourself.

Spend time with positive inspirational people

Visit a friend who cheers you up, a mentor or someone who understands your world view and fun photocan offer empathy. A therapist or counsellor can help too. Sometimes all we need is to be to share our thoughts and feelings with some one else. Knowing that someone understands us and knows what we are going through to help ease the burden we carry.

Give something back

Join a charity. If you don’t have the time, donate. When we give back it breaks the psychologicalcharity photo barrier of helplessness and makes us feel as if we have a purpose and are contributing in our to way to improving the world, no matter how small the contribution. If we all did this and only contributed something small – that change would make a massive difference collectively.

Stay hopeful

Don’t allow the misery in the world to win and get the better of you. You have the power to reject the cruelty and injustice that exists in the world and operate in a way that lives up to yourcharity photo morals and values. Keep your hope and faith that good things can prevail. Never give up hope. If you cannot feel the hope, just comfort yourself with the idea that life changes. The only way is ‘up’ when you feel sad and disillusioned. Something better is ahead – don’t give up the belief that there is good in the world and that many people care and will do the right thing. There is more support out there than you realise.

Life can be hard and I have had times where I have felt despair at the happenings on this planet. I see skewed priorities, selfish and nasty people and a lack of care for what should be important. Allowing despair and disillusionment to pervade is understandable but employing the above strategies will go some way to keeping the sadness at bay.

Stay strong, laugh every day and do something kind every day.

Mandy X





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Photo by B Rosen