Mandy Kloppers

How to Choose the Right Activities for Your Child with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a psychological disorder that is usually observed in childhood and if not worked upon, it lasts in adulthood. The children with this neuro disorder find it difficult to focus on a specific activity or they act without thinking much along with being super active. Moreover, it becomes a nightmare for their parents to see their not being able to focus on whatever activities they are assigned at home or school. Thus, it becomes necessary for parents to choose the right activities for their children with ADHD in order to keep them on track. 

Extracurricular activities can be the best way of helping children with ADHD to release their stress and keep them focused and calm. 

Here are some activities that can be chosen by parents to help their children with ADHD:


Physical and e-sports both have been the activity that is the key elements in driving attention, releasing stress, and helping kids to concentrate. Research has proven that 20 minutes of physical sports a day can help kids with ADHD to enhance their mental and social skills to a great extent. However, it is not necessary that one sports will be suitable and interesting for all children. Thus, it is important for parents to identify what sports is their interested in.  Because if the child is not interested in a certain sport then they are probably not going to pay enough attention to it. Furthermore, there are various categories of sports that includes, team sports, individual sports, and natural sports. Team sports can outweigh the other sports as it includes many other people that help children with ADHD to improve their social skills. However, some team games are not appropriate for kids with ADHD because resting on the bench and waiting for their turn can make it boring for them e.g. baseball. On the other hand, ADHD children who are in need of step-to-step instructions must choose individual sports like archery, tennis, and martial arts as they contain individual instructions. Moreover, natural sports have been considered as a very authentic way to decrease the symptoms of ADHD that includes hiking and walks in the parks. 

Being part of Girls and Boy Scouts:

Setting targets and plans to achieve those goals is one of the main things that every parents want their children to learn. Boys and girls scouting are one of the clubs that require the attention and focus of children as it includes activities in holding sorting of things, setting goals, and being consistency in achieving those goals. Thus, enrolling one’s child in the summer camps like Camp Starfish can help them reduce their ADHD symptoms. 


Swimming is one of the best outdoor activities for children with ADHD as it is a major source of focus and self-confidence. Thus, setting targets daily can lead the child to focus. 


It is not necessary that activities that should be chosen by parents for the child with ADHD must be the ones that consume so much physical energy. But, some activities that include the engagement of the mind are also important in lessening the symptoms of ADHD. Music is one of the activities that engage both sides of the minds of a child. Admitting one’s child to any music band or making them part of a choir can help the child to a great extent as it helps the students to learn how to do two tasks simultaneously. Thus, it is a fruitful activity that becomes the center of concentration of the child that in turn enforce the child to focus. 

Involving parents in activities:

Putting children in a group of other children means they are getting to know them. Thus, it is important for parents to interact with other parents as well so that they will help parents to know about the needs and interests of their child in a better way. The inclusion of parents in activities encourages their children with ADHD to concentrate properly.


In a nutshell, there are various activities that can be arranged for kids with ADHD that help them to focus, stay active, and release tension. The activities include sports, music, scouting, and inclusion of parents in activities.