Mental Health


Mandy Kloppers

How to choose a partner wisely

The way our parents treated us has a huge impact upon the partners we choose later on in adult life. We don’t fall in love with those who care for us in an ideal way, we fall in love with those that care for us in familiar ways. If we were neglected or emotionally deprived as children, we often tend to seek these types of people out who leave us feeling unloved. Some of us go for abusive types and seem to repeat this destructive cycle over and over.

It can stem from a core belief of not feeling loveable. the thing is WE ARE LOVEABLE and we deserve to be cherished and a priority in someone else’s life. if they don’t make you feel this way due to them being selfish (for instance), trust the uncomfortable ‘niggly’ feelings you get.

Of course, a partner can’t gove you love 100% of them time but if you regularly feel you are treated like a second class citizen in your relationship or your partner doesn’t take your feelings into account on a regular,ask youself why this is.

Perhaps you deserve better. people don’t tend to change. Selfish people stay selfish, controlling people tend to remain that way. You owe it to yourself to receive positive messages and not regualr reminders that you aren’t loved or aren’t ‘good enough’. In the right relationship, this will rarely occur.

Watch this brilliant video oh how to choose a partner wisely. Mandy X