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Mandy Kloppers

How to change your monotonous life

Eat,sleep, work, repeat…over and over and over again. Does this sound like your life? This blog post will give you ideas on how to change your monotonous life.

Ignore fear

Humans are creatures of habit and the unfamiliar can be nerve wracking. So many people talk about doing things but never actually do them. Be in the minority. Make changes in your life by swallowing fear and going for it anyway.

I once interviewed people living in an old age home and many of them said that they regretted not trying more new things in life. It’s too late for them when they realise this but you may still have opportunities to really enjoy your life and do things differently. We tend to regret the things we haven’t done more than the things we have tried.

Never allow fear to swallow you up. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Watch the self limiting beliefs

As we grow up we learn that there are many restrictions on us. We can’t do what we want to do and others have opinions on what we should be doing as well. We learn to watch our P’s and Q’s and tow the line. During this process we internalise many restrictions and almost end up living in a mental prison. We forget that we are actually freer than we think we are. We are dutiful, we face our chores and “musts” and “shoulds” begin to rule our lives.

We start to discount opportunities because we don’t think we are clever enough, thin enough, young enough etc. Do you have any self limiting beliefs? What do you think you can’t do? Why is that?

Work it through in your head and look for the freedom that exists around you.

Break free

Stop caring about what others think. This is your life to live. If you want to live in a shack on the beach, go for it. You can reject the norms that are expected of you and follow your heart instead. You don’t need permission. Make a plan, write out your goals and make the steps to get there as specific as possible.

Stop procrastinating

If you overthink something you may never end up doing it. Take action – go for it. Just do it as Nike says. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Time is flying by and you can’t get it back. Be brave – ask out that person you fancy. Go on that holiday, leave the awful job.

Be creative and resourceful

You don’t necessarily need to make huge changes to break the monotony. Just altering your routine can make a difference. Ask for what you want. Actively look for new things to try. Make an effort to put something new in the diary at least once every month – bungee jumping, ice skating, go kart racing – anything new will help you to break out of the monotony.

Life can easily turn into ‘Groundhog Day’ but you can make changes and live a life that is closer to what you really want. Be brave and bold, shut out the noise from others (especially the pessimists) and create a life that enthralls you again.

Mandy X


Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash