Mandy Kloppers

How To Become a Successful ‘Homefluencer’

Sprucing up your home with stylish décor requires a lot of time and effort. Whether it’s starting with a blank canvas through a new build or transforming a historic house, there’s plenty of room to implement various interior styles – but you may not know where to start.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ‘homefluencers’ that are taking Instagram by storm to display their stunning homes to inspire and advise many people with the goal of creating beautiful spaces.

While these ‘homefluencers’ are doing incredible work, it’s also worth noting that top IG models can offer a different perspective, showcasing how fashion, style, and creativity can be integrated into your home design for a truly unique and personalized aesthetic.

But what does it take to become a successful homefluencer? Here, we will explore some of the most popular Instagram influencers showcasing their homes.


Lydia Millen renovated her country home in 2019. But the pandemic only gave the influencer more time to spruce up the place, which she exhibited on her page @lydiamillenhome.

Dark walls may sound overpowering, but Lydia certainly reflected that this is far from true. It will undoubtedly add a luxurious feel to the room, as well as make furniture pop. Plus, it’s a good tip for those who don’t have too many accessories to fill a room with, as it can give it a much cosier look.

The homefluencer teaches the importance of accessories like blankets, throws, and cushions – a simple step, which could often be overlooked. But Lydia demonstrates how this can add warmth to a house, truly transforming it into a home. And they are typically not too pricey, so it’s no surprise that Lydia has earned a large following. Thus, offering simple tips that aren’t too costly are certain to contribute to her success of over 329,000 followers and an engagement rate of 3.77%.


There can never be too much colour in your home if you ask Paula Sutton, the face of @hillhousevintage. Her beautiful country home might seem unachievable to some, but it’s definitely possible to incorporate this style into any house.

The interior design enthusiast shares how to enhance a home through a combination of colour and classicism. Floral print, vintage finds, and pink in particular are the key elements to replicate the home of Paula Sutton – and her taste has earned her over 500,000 followers and an engagement rate of 2.16%. But what’s even better is that those wishing to add this style to their home can add their own twist. An abundance of vintage finds will certainly fit the vision, and it can be as over the top as you wish. After all, it’s not one size fits all – so imitating the exact look may not always be desired.


Chelsea, who runs @thehousethatblackbuilt, has built a following of over 127,000 with an engagement rate of 2.80%. But why is the influencer so successful?

This homefluencer opts for a modern Victorian style. But, more importantly, she shows the many ways that dark hues like black and grey can be incorporated into a house to look homely, as well as stylish. So while the modern Victorian style may not be to everyone’s taste, knowing how to add dark hues can be very helpful. Whether it’s a few dark elements or many, Chelsea masters this. And she does so with various textures, so it even works for those who are keen to add various materials to their home, whatever the colour.


Chloe Lloyd in an inspiration to minimalists with her page @chloelloydhome. While she is known to many as a model, she has an eye for home interiors too, and has certainly earned her homefluencer status outside of her modelling days.

Chloe’s page reflects how a little can go a long way, and if bold colour isn’t your thing, then she’s got plenty of ideas to enhance the space. And she’s particularly helpful for those in new build homes, so although she may have just a fraction of the follower count of other popular homefluencers at over 32,000, her engagement stands strong at 3.15%. Starting from scratch gives you plenty of options, but if you’re not so skilled when it comes to interior design, Chloe Lloyd will certainly give you many ideas on how to fill that space. Plus, she discusses her journey through her captions, so perhaps allowing her followers to be part of her journey is one of the reasons behind her success.

The key to success

Although the popular homefluencers followings vary, their engagement rates are similar. But why?

Well despite having their own unique style, they do share some similarities – one of them being that their interior tips can be tailored to each person. The price that consumers are willing to pay can differentiate. So, if Paula Sutton’s vintage décor is appealing, it’s also feasible for those who don’t want to pay too much. You could even attend auctions to discover some fabulous items at a reasonable price. But for those who want to splurge, rare vintage finds can be quite costly – so there’s definitely room here to splash the cash. And, whether a minimalist or maximalist look is the goal, it can be implemented as extreme or subtle as one desires.


Some homefluencers may not be for everyone. But interior designs can be fused together, so by demonstrating general elements, some influencers can appeal to a wide audience. And with close engagement rates between 2.15%-3.77%, these homefluencers know how to appeal to many. So if you’re keen to become a homefluencer, it’s perhaps worth learning a trick or two from them.

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash