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How to be more lucky


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How to be more lucky

I have often wondered why it is that some people seem to lead much easier and charmed lives compared to others. They seem to be the right place at the right time and have managed to make the most of opportunities that come their way. What’s their secret?

Lucky people tend to be the optimists in life-they never get bitter and they always look for the positives in every situation. They make a conscious effort to fortify their, what I call “mental buffer system”, to protect them from the harsh reality of life. This does not mean that they do not feel disappointment and experience setbacks but rather, the way they choose to perceive and respond to the setbacks varies vastly from people who are more easily affected.

A few characteristics that I have noticed that these people have in common are:

1) They ooze charisma

These people genuinely like others and have a knack for making other people feel important and valued. Others seek them out because of this feelgood factor.

2) Lucky people are great company

They make the effort. They always look as if they were delighted to see and we all like to be liked. They are easy to like back. They also believe that they are good company and this shows in their body language. They expect that others will like them and do not agonise ahead of time when a social occasion is coming up.

3) Lucky people have positive expectancy

They expect good things to happen – it’s just the way they are. When you focus on the good stuff it is more likely to feature in your life. The more we expect something, the more we make it happen – often through non verbal cues that we send out.

4) Lucky people have self belief

Lucky people believe in themselves, not all the time but they make an effort to think about themselves positively. They are quick to challenge negative thinking understand the importance of protecting their self worth. They enjoy having a high regard for themselves.

You can be more lucky too – watch the energy you are giving off. Is it cautious and ‘closed’ or is it friendly and ‘open’? Watch your thinking and work at keeping your mind filled with hopeful thoughts. Remember you get to choose what you want to think more than your realise – you choose which thoughts to focus on and believe. Make them work for you.

Mandy X