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Mandy Kloppers

How to balance love life and work: 5 Tips

These two things seem so diametrically opposed and yet we all know they can work together. Managing a career can be difficult for many people. Throwing a relationship into the mix can often mean having to choose between one or the other. But this is not the case, your work life and your relationship don’t have to suffer. The key is finding a balance between these two aspects of your life. Here are 5 tips to help you balance the scales of your love life and work.

  1. Prioritize your life– More and more your career and your relationship will begin to demand time and effort. The important thing to consider is which is more urgent, and which requires your attention at the time. You need to realize that neither your love life nor your job will always be your first priority. You need to handle each situation independently and prioritizing your choices dependant on the situation at hand. You have the option of full-time relationships or even the casual dating community of Labrigna Sydney which can be more flexible.
  2. Regular Contact– It is important to keep in regular contact with your partner so that they do not feel neglected. One of the biggest factors of relationships breaking down is that you don’t give enough time and dedication to your partner. Your career may be demanding but you can always find time for your partner. If you work at different hours or shifts, then you can pick up the phone and send them a text. Or even better on your commute give them a phone call and catch up with them. Keeping in regular contact shows that you are dedicated and that you are thinking of them.
  3. Have date nights- This almost sounds like a cliché. Having a date night can keep a spark in your relationship and show your other half that you want to spend time with them. It is easy to finish your workday and go back home to relax. You should instead organize a date night, once a week or fortnight that you can both look forward to. It gets you out of the house and allows you to focus on your partner. This will help keep your relationship exciting.
  4. Keeping your work life separate- To keep both your career life and relationship life happy then you should keep them separate. Fully commit to your work when there and fully commit to your partner when you are with them. When you disconnect from work you can truly connect with your partner.
  5. Choosing the right partner- This may sound redundant but having the right partner makes your life so much easier. Be open and honest with your partner about what you want and what they want. This can ensure that no one is left disappointed later in the relationship.

Work-Life balance

This is not an easy thing to achieve but by dedicating time and effort to both aspects of your life, it is not impossible. Just make sure that you aren’t running yourself into the ground trying to keep both your career and relationship happy.  

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