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Mandy Kloppers

How to attract the opposite sex

Not that I have all the answers but I can tell you there are a few sure fire ways to attract the opposite sex. How to keep the opposite sex interested…or the same sex for that matter.

  1. Believe you are attractive

I can assure you that if you truly believe you are a man-magnet or a woman-magnet, your energy and body language will give off completely different signals and you WILL attract others to you. More so, than if you harbour self doubt and wonder what your value is. Confidence in itself is super attractive. Believe in your appeal and you will attract far more suitors. I have done research on this and tried it out and it WORKS!

2. Be proactive

Approach others and take a risk. It’s the only way. Attraction is a numbers game. No matter how delicious you are, there will be some who just don’t see it. That should not be a reflection on just how delectable you are. Put yourself out there and keep a mental vision of your good bits. Fortune favours the brave. You have to be on the playing field to score a goal.

3. Be slightly aloof

Playing psychological games is no good  but maintaining a little mystery is always a good idea. Don’t give everything away at once, keep some things to yourself. Being mysterious will get you far in life. Only give away as much as you need to in the beginning stages of a relationship. Keep the other person guessing. Use their imagination to your advantage.

4. Be real

Show that you are human by divulging some of your unique quirks. Show some one else what makes you unique – own your individuality. There is no one like you – own who you are. Anyone who doesn’t like the real you really isn’t for you…move on.

5. Don’t take life too seriously

I believe that most things (if not everything) should be approached with humour. It takes the edge off the seriousness of life. Try to see the funny side, detach and see the bigger picture – it helps to dilute intense emotions that can often get the better of us.

6.Have fun

Keep the fearful thoughts at bay – never allow them to take control and limit you in life. Be bold and take risks. If you have the right mental attitude and humour, you can withstand life a lot better and gain much more in the process. We spend so much time overthinking and investing emotionally and exhausting ourselves..when you see the bigger picture, have fun and live more in the moment, you will find that life eases up on you. You can choose how you wish to perceive life, your meaning and value and how you wish to proceed in life.

Get going, keep your head held high – take risks, be vulnerable and laugh lots….

That’s my advice….


Mandy X




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