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How the unconscious mind works


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How the unconscious mind works

Your unconscious mind is a vast storage centre for all your memories -it’s capacity is virtually limitless. Your unconscious memory is often perfect but memories can be distorted when we try to recall them with our conscious mind. Your unconscious mind is subjective – it doesn’t think or reason independently. Your conscious mind is the pilot or driver that gives your unconscious orders. Think of your unconscious as a subservient servant, always wiling to do your bidding. What you focus on consciously creates the environment for your unconscious – is your growing flowers or weeds?

All your habits and patterns of thinking are stored in your unconscious and it is well versed in where and when you feel safe and comfortable. This is why you can feel uncomfortable when stepping out of your comfort zone. For you to grow though, you have to be willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable as this helps you reach a new level of development, a higher level of competence.

Whatever your conscious mind believes – your unconscious will accept without question.If you regularly tell yourself you are a failure or that you are no good, your unconscious will act accordingly – your fear radar will be attuned to rejection and humiliation and our body language will be sending out messages without us even being aware. This is why is is extremely important to monitor the content of your thoughts and get into the habit of replacing negative thoughts with more positive and realistic ones. Often we hold on to false beliefs that are incorrect.

Learn to live more consciously. Be more alert and stop living in a haze of random thoughts that bombard you on every level.Take control of your thought processes and your unconscious will help you achieve far more than you realised possible.

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