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How Sunglasses Do More Than Just Make You Look Cool

Okay, so the British Isles isn’t a part of the world most people consider when you get asked to think about somewhere sunny! While a lot of the weather in the UK isn’t often favourable, there are times where we can enjoy the sunshine!


Many folks assume that the job of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. That, and make you look cool in front of other people! But, did you know there are a lot more positive effects of wearing sunglasses that we can all enjoy?

Sunglasses protect the skin around your eyes


It’s something that most people seldom think about. But, the skin around your eyes is very fragile and delicate due to being really thin. Because the skin isn’t as thick as that which covers the rest of your body, it’s susceptible to wrinkles and the effects of ageing. One proactive way of protecting that delicate skin around your eyes is to wear sunglasses when you’re out and about.


Of course, you might get some odd looks if you do so when it’s dreary and raining outdoors. But, when the weather is more favourable, don’t be afraid to put on your sunglasses! Great Tip! You can buy stylish frames here, so you are forced to wear them as a part of your outfit.


They help you to see better


If you have to wear glasses regularly, you will need to have the right sunglasses lenses according to your prescription. When you wear your sunglasses with the right lenses in those situations, you’ll see things more clearly. A pair of polarised lenses in your sunglasses frames will help to neutralise glare, which is essential if you drive for pleasure or as part of your job.


Don’t make the mistake of wearing sunglasses that don’t have corrective lenses, though. The last thing you want to do is experience headaches or some other discomfort because you can’t see properly with off-the-shelf non-corrective lenses in your sunglasses!

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Sunglasses stop your retinas from getting damaged


Have you ever heard of a condition called macular degeneration? In a nutshell, this is where prolonged exposure to UVA rays can damage your retinas. When that happens, you can develop cataracts (clouding of the eye’s lens) and even permanent blindness.


By wearing sunglasses, you significantly decrease the chances of that happening to you. Sometimes we forget that the sun emits harmful radiation in the form of ultraviolet rays, and that can lead to irreversible damage if we aren’t protecting our eyesight properly.


Sunglasses prevent snow blindness


Few people have even heard of snow blindness. It’s a medical condition that describes when the corneas of our eyes get sunburnt due to over-exposure of the sun’s UVB rays. Now, you might be wondering what that has to do with snow? Well, snow is highly reflective of the sun’s ultra-violet rays.


If you go skiing each year, or travel somewhere for a skiing holiday fairly regularly, it’s likely there will be days where you can ski with a blue sky enveloping you. As you can imagine, if you’re mostly surrounded by snow, those UVB rays mentioned earlier will reflect onto your eyes.


So, if you’ve ever wondered why virtually everyone that goes snowing wears sunglasses, that’s the reason!


Now that you know the many benefits surrounding sunglasses, make sure you wear yours where appropriate!

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