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Mandy Kloppers

How Nurses Are Taking Precautions to Keep Their Families Safe

There is no doubt that nurses have been some of the biggest heroes during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As most people hunkered down in the safety of their own homes, nurses rushed into the fire to help the people that were inflicted with the deadly virus. Because they are front line workers, nurses are put into a vulnerable position every time that they report to work. The high risk associated with contracting the virus as a nurse means that many of these medical professionals are having to take special steps to keep themselves and their families safe during this uncharted period of time. Here are five ways that nurses are working to keep their families safe and out of harm’s way.

Following All Protocols at Work

The number one thing that nurses are doing to protect their families is taking the right protocols at work. Clearly, they are at the greatest risk of contracting the virus and bringing it home every time that they walk through the doors of the hospital or medical care facility. Following all of the safety precautions laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as their own specific hospital or clinic will put them in the best position to avoid contracting the virus. This means wearing the proper personal protective equipment and adhering to all sanitation rules. Many hospitals have also set up special sanitizing devices to clean personal items such as smartphones. Nurses are taking special care to run all of their personal belongings through this sanitation process before leaving the hospital.

Wearing Professional Scrubs

Because the specifics of this novel virus are still so unknown at this time, many nurses are being particularly careful with their clothing. You can protect yourself further by wearing scrubs designed for medical use. Professional healthcare uniforms such as Grey’s anatomy women’s scrubs help to keep nurses comfortable and provide maximum movement on the job and can also help to ensure that they are following all of the safety protocols. Scrubs are made using high-quality fabrics designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Many of these scrubs even contain antimicrobial properties that mitigate the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. In this current crisis, nurses are being even more diligent about making sure that they wear the right protective gear, including their use of scrubs.

Practicing Good Hygiene

All of the safety protocols in the world do not mean anything without proper personal hygiene. This is why nurses are diligent about washing their hands. Many nurses are reporting dry and cracked hands because of excessive hand washing. However, when it comes to this deadly virus, you can never be too careful. While all hospitals are equipped with plenty of handwashing stations, some nurses are taking the extra step of ensuring that they always have hand sanitizer on them.

Changing Clothes Before Entering the Home

Before walking through the front door, many nurses are taking the care to remove all of their clothing. You can do this yourself by taking the clothes off in the garage and putting it into a bag before taking it inside to insert directly into a washing machine. Having spare clothes in the garage will make this process easier. It is also important to not bring contaminated shoes into the house. Taking a shower immediately upon arriving at home will ensure that you are not contaminating the house with possible germs.

Staying Elsewhere

In some of the hardest-hit areas of this virus, many nurses have been taking the drastic step of not even staying with their families during this time. Thanks to the generosity of some special organizations, many nurses are choosing to stay at complimentary hotels or other designated residential areas so that they do not risk bringing the germs home. There are also some medical professionals who are choosing to sleep in different areas of their homes, essentially self-quarantining themselves from their families.

None of these choices are easy. However, for many nurses, it is worth the hassle to gain the peace of mind of knowing that they are taking all the steps that they can to keep their families protected from the dangerous virus.