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Mandy Kloppers

How my favourite cosmetic products provide mental wellbeing

The list of my favourite cosmetic products has taken a few years to build. I have literally tried hundreds of different mascaras, foundations, lipsticks and various other cosmetics in a bid to feel beautiful. Not only can cosmetics enhance our appearance but they also offer the hope that we can find that combination that finally makes us feel confident and good about ourselves.

While it’s never a good idea to believe that make-up can solve low self-esteem issues instantly, it can certainly boost dopamine levels in the brain and give us a spring in our step. Knowing how much pleasure cosmetic products provide I thought I would save you all time and show you my favourite products are much trial and error.

I have tried the more expensive brands such as Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel, Nars, Urban Decay and Clarins, to name a few, and I’ve also tried cheaper high-street cosmetic brands such as L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon and E.l.f.

Most importantly, this is a completely honest review as I am not promoting any specific brand and I am purely going on the quality of the product.

Self-care is important

Self-care gets feel-good chemicals going in the brain. When we feel we look good, our brain chemistry is different. We feel more confident, we walk taller. When I take time to moisturise, put make-up on and leave the house feeling I look my best, it feels fabulous.

Cosmetic Products I have tried over the years:


My favourite makeup products that I will keep on buying:

(see the gallery for images of the products below)


NARS – Illuminator: Colour Orgasm


Estee Lauder Foundation – Futurist Hydra Rescue. Colour Desert Beige

False lashes:

Kiss Falscara – fabulous false lashes.

They look amazing! Not too heavy. Lengthening wisp.

Concealer stick:

Lancome teint idole ultra

Colour 110 Ivoire/010 beige porcelain – I cannot be without this product. On my fourth one now.


Maybelline – Sky High

Qic – Uma mascara 2 Look – two wands and one adds fibre – the volume and length are fantastic


Urban Decay have the best colours although I have found that their pencils often break when you sharpen them. I still love them as they are sparkly.

My favourite colours are: Corrupt (dark brown) and Double Life (a bronzy brown).


Gucci  – Audacious lipstick fever. Colour number: 110. A warm orangey red colour. Vibrant and summery. Perfect.


If I could only choose three from the above cosmetics, I would choose the Lancome concealer stick, Maybelline’s Sky-high mascara and the Gucci lipstick




Loving this product from Guerlain:

Double R renew and repair advanced serum: Abeille Royale

Abeille Royale Guerlain I only have a sample but it’s definitely worth buying….next on my list.



Favourite perfumes:


Thierry Mugler – Alien                               Viktor Wolf – Flower Bomb         Jo Malone – Myrrh & Tonka

Thierry Mugler perfume Alien    Viktor Wolf Flower Bomb perfume