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How Do Most Truck Accidents Happen?

Road accidents, as dangerous as they can be, have become very common almost all across the world. The reasons lying behind them could be many.

However, it somewhat depends on the vehicle type as to what degree of damage is caused since different vehicles have different sizes and weights. Trucks, out of all vehicles, tend to carry much more weight, and therefore, truck accidents cause more severe damage.

Trucks are used for carrying high cargo volumes and also have a lot of their own weight. This is a big reason why it gets very difficult to control them in case of an occurrence of a mechanical fault or if any obstacle comes in the way.

In short, truck accidents often happen for this reason. Further in this article, you will know more about truck accidents.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

There is a multitude of reasons why truck accidents happen. These reasons vary from situation to situation. However, the most common ones are as listed below:

1.       Lack of Adequate Training for the Drivers

Training is a very important step for opting for any profession or job. Without adequate training, one is unable to do the job properly, and the risk of causing damage is high. So is the case with truck drivers.

It is extremely important to make sure that truck drivers are given proper training before they are allowed to get on the road.

Training for truck drivers is essential because trucks have different controls than normal cars. Their controls and handling are made according to their huge size and the amount of weight that they have to carry.

Poor training may result in the drivers not being able to drive properly and also having control over the truck in heavy traffic on the roads, which can cause severe truck accidents to take place.

2.       Overspeeding on the Roads

For commercial trucks, profound transportation firms may utilize speed monitors or speed compensators, even though not every truck already has equipment.

Since trucks are considerably much significantly bigger than passenger cars, speeding is considerably riskier for drivers; the truck responds relatively slower to abrupt shifts in direction and velocity due to the momentum it produces, and the driver has less control.

Truck drivers who speed are being irresponsible and irresponsible, and they should be held responsible.

3.       Driving when Inebriated

For professionally certified drivers, as per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is.04 percent, this would be 50 percent of the.08 percent blood-alcohol requirement for every other driver in all jurisdictions.

During 4 hours of operating a corporate vehicle, drivers are not authorized to imbibe alcohol. They are not permitted to imbibe booze while on service.

Driving while inebriated is a felony, regardless of the conditions, and can have serious implications for everybody on the roadway with the inebriated driver.

4.       Infringement of Duty Hours

Restrictions have been put in a position to prevent exhausted drivers from getting off the roads as well as to assist them in staying focused while driving.

A corporate driver is not supposed to operate for further than 11 hours without taking a ten-hour rest; they are also not allowed to drive for longer than 60 hours for a week as well as Seventy hours in 8 days.

There are more standards in place to assist safeguard all drivers on the road, but these mandates aren’t always followed due to scheduling habits, business culture, or individual motives.

How to Prevent a Truck Accident from Happening?

Driving a truck is in itself a huge responsibility. Not only is a truck driver responsible for the vehicle he is driving but also for his life, the life of other passengers on the road as well as other vehicles.

In order to prevent truck accidents from happening, here are some measures that must be taken by the truck drivers as they go on the road:

Drive at the Instructed and Appropriate Speed Limit

It is very important to understand that speed limits that are legalized are done so for a certain reason and not just like that. Over speeding can result in severe accidents, and so it is highly prohibited.

If a truck driver drives within the legalized and appropriate speed limit, the risk of accidents drops very low, and the driver can very safely drive all through the way.

The Driver Must Follow the Service Hour Regulations and Must not be Fatigued

The number of hours you may spend driving the vehicle, the number of steps you must take, as well as the quantity of sleep you must have are all strictly regulated. As a trucker, these may be the most crucial rules to observe.

A sleepy motorist is a risky driver. You need to satisfy targets, make deliveries, and meet deadlines. It’s not really a trivial job, and executing it successfully necessitates a high level of efficiency. However, it’s critical to be productive in ways that don’t compromise your sleep.

The Drivers Must be Aware of What are they Transporting.

Acknowledging what is inside the vehicle you’re hauling may seem obvious; however, if you work as a freelance worker or via a transportation agency, you may drive for various firms nearly every day.

Nevertheless, knowing what to do in the event of an emergency with a vehicle full of risky commodities is critical. If you have cargo that contains compounds that are dangerous if discharged through water or air, even a slight mishap can become a major issue.

What to Do If You Get Into a Truck Accident?

Getting involved in a truck accident can be an extremely dangerous thing to happen. However, in case it happens, the first step is to not panic and remain as calm as you can. Stepping out of the vehicle is one smart move that must be considered too.

To deal with the accident situation, it is better to get into consultation with Seguin Truck Accident Lawyers, and they will handle the case for you in the best possible way. A good lawyer will make sure to bring out the best solutions for you by handling the case as a regal procession.


Some mishaps are simply: mishaps. It’s impossible to avoid accidents; therefore, sometimes, the most diligent driver might get into mishaps. However, by following these truck accident avoidance recommendations and always driving with caution and common sense, you may perhaps escape a fatal circumstance.

There is assistance available if you are involved in a truck collision. A personal injury attorney can assist you with the legal aspects of a truck accident, which may be perplexing and difficult to understand.

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