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How Creative Outlets Support Your Fertility Journey

How Creative Outlets Support Your Fertility Journey

The path to fertility is a delicate balance. Embarking on the journey to parenthood can be emotionally charged, especially if you are facing fertility challenges. Creative hobbies can serve as a powerful tool to navigate complex emotions and hurdles you may encounter along the way.

You can tap into a safe and expressive outlet for processing the grief, anxiety, and frustration that so often accompany fertility struggles. What’s more, you can celebrate little wins to keep you feeling positive. Regain control over your narrative by integrating art and self-expression into your routine using the following tips.

How Stress Impacts Fertility

When you’re trying to conceive (TTC), you may be using a variety of routes to do so. You could be trying natural methods, using hormone treatments, taking medication, having surgery, or undergoing assisted reproductive methods such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). You could be going it alone or with a partner. Whatever your situation, you may be experiencing stress that is impacting your fertility.

Women experiencing infertility report experiencing increased anxiety and depression. When coping methods are introduced and mental health is improved, women experience higher pregnancy rates. The trials and tribulations you may go through aren’t easy, but they can be mitigated by using self-soothing techniques.

Making your TTC journey less stressful can include staying on top of your healthcare treatment, seeking support, exercising regularly, and eating healthily. To keep your mind off of all of the responsibilities and uncertainties of TTC, though, creative outlets are unmatched.

From a medical perspective, using creativity to improve fertility is part of a holistic approach to healthcare. Holistic problem-solving focuses on the entire person and their wellness journey, optimizing health outcomes by exploring complementary mental and physical treatments. Essentially, mental and physical health are the same thing, and minimizing stress through creative outlets is a solution for your whole being and your fertility.

Creative Outlets To Destress

Amidst the emotional and physical challenges of your fertility journey, you have to strike a balance between healthcare responsibility and self-care. Too much of one or the other can cause undue stress or sidetrack you from the end goal. To incorporate creative hobbies balanced with the daily responsibilities of your fertility journey, consider:

        -Ranking your priorities;
        -Saying “no” to some things;
        -Scheduling time for hobbies;
        -Setting realistic, achievable goals;
        -Combining hobbies with responsibilities;
        -Making income from a hobby;
        -Dedicating a space in your home for hobbies;
        -Staying organized.

The easier it is for you to engage in your creative hobbies, the more likely you are to do so. You’re likely busy with doctor appointments and TTC, so you have to schedule your self-care and creativity to truly reap the benefits.

With that in mind, let’s look at a couple of outlets you can weave into your regular schedule.


Creative writing can come in many forms, but it all lets you express yourself in some way. You can journal while TTC to get out all of your innermost thoughts. Writing them down can help you process your emotions. For example, a story about someone traversing a maze and reaching the end victorious can help give you motivation along your harrowing journey. If it’s easier, you can write lists or even write fiction that helps you remove yourself from stressful circumstances. Whichever way you choose to write, try to notice patterns and pick out emotions. This can help you put what you’re feeling into words and find new ways to cope.


While writing is a form of art, there are other ways to artistically express yourself than putting words down on a page. Whether you currently enjoy a certain art form or want to pick up a new one, art as a creative hobby can be relaxing and cathartic. Here are some ideas to consider:

        -Diamond painting;

The options are almost endless. Do a quick internet search or look on social media platforms like Pinterest to see what sparks your interest. Remember that no one starts as a professional, and enjoy the process. You’re using art to calm yourself, so if it starts feeling more stressful than not, let yourself move on. Be mindful of how you feel during the creative process, and see what themes come out in your art. You may surprise yourself with what you learn and how it can help your fertility journey.


Listening to or making music is an emotion-filled experience. Try listening to or playing calming, instrumental tones when you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming appointment or test. If you need to release anger or frustration, you can pick songs that resonate with how you feel. Be wary of sad or intense music, because it can exacerbate bad moods. While it’s good to release your emotions, do so in moderation. You can even learn to play a new instrument, giving yourself the confidence that your body can learn new things and produce wonderful results.

Moving Forward Creatively on Your Fertility Journey

The aforementioned creative outlets are just suggestions and not an exhaustive list. You can be creative in what you choose to release and process your emotions. It can be a hobby you enjoy alone or share with others. The options are limitless, and your choice can be as unique as your fertility journey. With the right motivation and self-care, you can move forward along your path to fertility with creativity and mindfulness

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