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How cosmetic surgery affects mental health

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While plastic surgery initially started as a restorative procedure for patients who were either involved in an accident or burn victims, this has changed over the years. Currently, many plastic surgeons mostly do cosmetic procedures. As years go by, the number of people willing to go under the knife and get transformed has increased rapidly. The question many ask is whether this is worth it or not. Here are some of the mental effects that come from having plastic surgery.

Positive impact on the mental health

These are the positive effects of cosmetic surgery:

Improves self-esteem

Studies show that people who go for cosmetic surgery are often unhappy with themselves. Some of them have spent years being bullied for their looks that they cannot believe that they are beautiful the way they are. Once one goes into surgery, it is now possible for them to look at themselves in the mirror and associate what they see which beauty. Getting a breast augmentation in Perth will mean you can love your breasts better. It ends up building their confidence in a great way.

Gives one a second chance

Being in an accident can leave you with both mental and physical scars. For the better part, the physical scars will remind you of the tragedy you encountered. If you are in this situation, it is harder for you to get out of the trauma and start healing. With plastic surgery, the scars are either made to fade or disappear completely. You can then start seeing yourself in a new light. It feels like you have been given a second chance to do life again.

The negative impact of plastic surgery

Despite all the positives, there are also negatives to plastic surgery

It is addictive

The biggest issue that comes with plastic surgery is, it is very addictive. Many patients who go on for a procedure will end up coming angina and again. It will take years before they are ever satisfied with the effects of the procedures they get. Many women have died on the operating table because they went into surgery way too many times and ended up getting hurt. It is for this reason that surgeons are encouraged to counsel the patients to go under the knife.

They can lead to body dysmorphia

Another thing that might happen as a result of too much plastic surgery is body dysmorphia. In this situation, the patient does not think their body is perfect or starts obsessing over features of their body. They will try to fix whatever little thing they find faulty, even if t costs herm their life. Treating body dysmorphia can be hard as there are so many factors that lead to one having it in the first place. Once dealt with, however, the patient will go back to appreciating their body as it is.

Cosmetic surgery receives love and hate in equal measure. The only way one can see its use is through doing research. Figure out whether this is something that will work for you or if you should seek counseling first.

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