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How Being Productive Can Help Your Mental Health

How Being Productive Can Help Your Mental Health

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Your mental health can seem like a finicky beast at times. One day, you’ll feel absolutely sublime. Then, on the next, you’re down in the dumps. Maintaining a positive state of mind can feel downright elusive sometimes. However, there are ways to improve it consistently. One of them would be staying productive. Productivity isn’t just about impressing your boss at work. It can be about making yourself feel better. Here are a few ways staying productive could be a boon for your state of mind.


  • You’ll Have Something Positive to Focus On


First of all, you’ll have something to keep your mind on. If you’re just sitting around, it’s not hard to think about negative stuff all day. But, by staying busy, you’ll stay focused on the task at hand. Even doing the dishes could help you remain mindful throughout the day.


Focusing on what’s going well is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You’ll notice that you’re feeling much less down. And, you’ll improve things while you’re at it. How could you not feel a little better after all that?


  • You’ll See Yourself Making Progress


Another thing staying productive does is give you something to improve on. For example, cleaning your house is more than just another mundane chore. You’re cultivating a better environment. After you’ve cleaned the house, just look around.


You’ll spot signs of productivity all over the place. Looking at a mess just gives you something to stress over. Looking at a clean place makes you feel good about the day. You know you’ve done something positive, and you can feel good about it.


  • Productivity Can Improve Your Performance at Work


Have you kept up on all the latest productivity tips for work performance? Getting promoted would definitely make you feel good about how things are going. But, you might not get one if you’re just doing the same thing day after day. Actually, you’ll probably be in the same place you’ve always been if you just do that. Improving productivity is one of the surest ways to boost your odds of getting a promotion.


Plus, you’ll be able to handle the workload without as much stress. By reducing your stress at work, you’ll feel better even after getting off. And, you can teach others how to improve their performance as well. That would help you feel like you’re making a difference in others’ lives, too.


  • Being Productive Releases Dopamine


Let’s look at the science behind productivity. One of the main things that make us feel good is dopamine. This neurotransmitter is what makes people enjoy being productive. And, it’s the same thing that makes eating a cookie feel great, too. Dopamine is all about desire and motivation. Here’s the cool thing.


You might not feel motivated to be productive. But, if you start being productive anyway, you’ll release dopamine as a result. Then, the motivation starts to follow. So, forcing yourself to be productive in the first place could help you feel more motivated. And, you’ll feel better about your day in the long run.


  • Staying Active Lowers Cortisol


One of the worst things for our mental health would be elevated cortisol levels. Cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone. Some of it isn’t a bad thing, but we have too much of it usually. Maintaining elevated levels of cortisol can lead to feelings of burnout. And, it can even be a contributing factor in the development of depression. The good thing is you can do something about it. When we’re active, our body reduces its production of cortisol. That makes us feel a lot less stressed, and it improves our moods. Even something as simple as a walk can have a huge impact on our overall cortisol production.


Productivity and Your Mental Health


Productivity is something everyone should pursue. It’ll make a difference at home and at work. And, you’ll get more done during the day. Best of all, you’ll feel better. So, if you’ve had some issues with your mental health, try being productive. It’ll feel tough at first, but it’s more than worthwhile.

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