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Mandy Kloppers

How A Review Blogger Should Plan A Business Trip

Review blogs have always been the bread and butter for the blogging community. You’re giving honest real-world advice of products and services that you have personally used. For the consumer sitting on the fence, you are their lighthouse. It’s your job to warn them when they are buying into the hype or when they should definitely give a brand a chance. So it’s common to be invited out to brand events, product launches, and on-site reviews as well as exclusive review dates. You may also be invited to test a prototype of some kind. Therefore your business trip could be extensive or just for a couple of days. So how can you remain flexible and still ‘there’ for your readers, while on a business trip? Planning is how you can stay sharp. 

Book a simple hotel


Around the world, you have certain types of hotels that are designed for corporate clientele. They offer many different amenities that you will find comforting but when you’re on business, they’re just a distraction. Corporate hotels have swimming pools, fitness centers, high-end restaurants and they tend to be in the middle of large cities. You should expect to pay a handsome fee just for one night in their establishment. But if you book a hotel that’s a little smaller, and 3-star instead of 4 or 5, you’ll get a decent quality hotel with affordable prices. Remember you’re on a business trip, this isn’t for leisure purposes. Just make sure that the hotel has free WiFi and a complimentary breakfast in the morning. Most 3-star hotels will have this as standard. The location may not be as convenient, but seek a hotel close by to public transport services.


Stay in touch


Staying in touch with customers and readers is paramount to maintaining your image and loyalty. Customers that buy from your website or click on affiliate links, will more than likely have a few questions for you. Therefore, continue to monitor the comment section on your blog while you’re away from the home office. Check your email regularly and if brands wish to send you things, give them an alternate address so you are ready to pick up the products when you get back. Utilize virtual business address providers that can hold your mail both documents and products and then send them directly to you when you’re ready to receive them. Brands will often shoot over contracts to bloggers which keeps certain product details confidential or protects their brand from libel. The virtual address company will open the mail sent to them and scan the documents, then send them to you via email if you wish. This gives your blogging business a professional real-world image but also, doesn’t overload you while on business.



Eating reservedly


While on business, you don’t want an upset stomach. It seems trivial, but you try paying attention to a presentation of a product you’ve never seen before, with stomach cramps and sweats. This is why, while on the business you should stick with the food you’re familiar with. Again, it has to be mentioned, you’re not on a leisure trip. You need to stay fueled, energized and focussed. Don’t try a new cuisine if you’re not comfortable with it. It could not sit right with you and you risk the chance of becoming ill.


However, this doesn’t mean you should look for the nearest fast food restaurant. A quick search in google maps and lunch will be sorted. Look for a coffee shop that does sandwiches and paninis. You should also buy local produce such as fruit, bread, and butter if you need something cheap and cheerful for the long wait at the airport on your way home. At the very least, wait until all your business arrangements have been met before you delve into the famous local cuisine. As a rule of thumb, try to find the hygiene standard rating of the places you buy food from.


Writing event recaps


You don’t have to write new posts while at an event. Too many bloggers make the mistake of trying to be the first one to upload exclusive details of a product, while they’re on a business trip. This does lead to a higher chance of making mistakes, which could upset the brand you’re working with. If they say they don’t want certain details leaked, they mean it. Breaking this cardinal rule of trust will likely end in never being invited back by the brand and at worst, being given a lawsuit notification through the post. Avoid the urge to write all your posts while back at the hotel in the evening as well.


The great thing about a short business trip is, you can spend the entire time absorbing what you’re being shown and demonstrated. You must take a video camera with you, for footage which you can use as an accompaniment to your writing. If you don’t have the money or space for a professional video camera, utilize your smartphone as most modern models can shoot in 4K. When you arrive home, that’s when you should write your posts in detail, working off the notes you took at the event. 


Keep refreshed and hydrated


Bloggers offer something different than traditional media. Readers will enjoy posts that are heavily detailed, going into depth of specs, sizes, materials, the origin of sourcing, development


Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash