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Mandy Kloppers

How a Physio Can Help With Your New Exercise Routine

Many people wrongfully believe that you go to see a physiotherapist only when you are injured and this is just not true. If you are starting off a new exercise routine and it is something that you haven’t done before or in a long time then it’s important that you get the right kind of advice so that you don’t experience any injuries that will put your new exercise program back many months. It can be difficult motivating yourself to get started in the first place and getting yourself into a regular exercise routine. The thing to remember is to take it slow and to start small and then to go from there in order to be able to reach your fitness goals.

The good news for you is that you can find a Physio in Camberwell who is more than happy to provide you with the assistance and the help that you need for your new exercise program. If you’re not sure how a physiotherapist can help you even though you’re not injured then maybe the following can help to illuminate you somewhat.

  • Safer ways to exercise – When starting a new exercise routine, it’s likely that you’re going to be in a little bit of pain because your muscles in your tendons are not used to doing any kind of exercise. This might mean that you don’t give your exercise routine your 100% best because you’re worried that the pain that you are currently experiencing may cause some kind of injury. This is where your physiotherapist comes into the equation because they can give you advice on exercising safely so that you won’t to experience any injuries at all.
  • Help choosing the right routine – Depending on how old that you are and how out of shape that you have become, it is important that you do routine that fits around your current health and that you don’t do anything that is going to make you ill or cause you any kind of injury. You can have a talk with your physio about the kinds of movements that you enjoy and then they will figure out what is the best exercise plan for you.
  • Teach you about stretching – Stretching is so incredibly important when starting off a new exercise routine and many people don’t actually know how to do it properly. You can get sound advice from your physiotherapist and they can also carry out some massage that will get your body limber and ready for the exercise that lies ahead.
  • They give you the motivation – It can be very difficult motivating yourself to begin an exercise routine never mind continue it over a five or six-day period. Your physiotherapist is there to help whenever you need it for physical activity and exercise, and they can provide you with the necessary motivation that get you out and about and getting yourself into shape.

Clearly you should go to see your physio when you to injure yourself but hopefully you will get to avoid a sports injury as you try to shed those excess pounds and reach a new level of fitness.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash