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Mandy Kloppers

How a Chiropractor Can Help You Improve Your Balance

Many people experience balance issues that cause problems in their everyday lives. For example, the imbalance can affect walking, standing, and exercising. A chiropractor can correct these problems using chiropractic techniques that will improve posture and movement. Below is information about why balance issues occur and how a chiropractor can help.

Causes of Balance Issues

Problems with maintaining balance can affect people of all ages. The elderly are the most at risk of falls that will result in broken bones and other trauma, but any person can be injured due to being off-balance. Luckily the problem can be resolved by going in for a chiropractic adjustment. Below are a few examples of what can cause imbalance.

  • Abnormal Gait. Gait is defined as the way a person walks. Misalignment in the spine or pelvis can interfere with a person’s gait, causing it to be abnormal.
  • Alignment Issues. These types of issues can be caused by numerous events. Trauma and overuse are apparent, but everyday wear and tear on the body can also cause misalignment in bones, joints, and muscles that will translate into an imbalance.
  • When bones or other tissues of the body are not in the correct place, it can cause pressure on nerves that interrupt sensitive signals from the brain to the body and vice versa. This interruption can cause the person’s balance to suffer, leading to dizziness, vertigo, and inner ear problems.

Chiropractic Remedies

  • Correct Alignment.  When misalignments are present, they will cause undue pressure on other body parts to compensate for the problem. For instance, the hips out of alignment with the spine can create compensation from the person’s back to correct the problem causing pain. Regular visits to a chiropractor can convert any misalignment that will result in reduced pain and correct balance problems.
  • Nervous System Function. The primary function of the body’s nervous system is to send signals to the brain that will result in body movements. However, numerous nerves are connected to the spine, so if the spine is not aligned correctly, these nerves cannot perform their primary function of communicating body movements. This miscommunication will result in coordination, balance complications, and pain. Treatments performed by a chiropractor realign the spine, allowing the nervous system to regain normal function. This alignment will solve vertigo, dizziness, and inner ear complications that interfere with the body’s balance.
  • Preventative Solutions. Once the initial problem is solved, chiropractors also teach various preventative solutions to ensure the difficulties do not reoccur. For instance, giving instructions for weight training that, when performed correctly, can strengthen the joints, bones, and muscles of the body so that misalignment does not quickly occur. Other techniques can be recommended, including posture remedies and ergonomic workstation tips to ensure the body remains fully functional. Good nutrition can also assist in balance and coordination. The body will feel better and work correctly if adequate and healthy food and exercise are given.

Regular chiropractic treatment can be valuable to people of all ages. It will assist in maintaining balance, coordination, movement, and fitness. It is a natural solution to bodily functions without the use of medications. Anyone seeking a healthy life free of pain and discomfort can seek help from a chiropractor to ensure that their body is at peak performance to enhance their everyday lives.


Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash