Mandy Kloppers

Hospital time

Hi everyone,

Apologies for an interruption in blog posts. I had surgery on Wednesday afternoon, a right hemicolectomy, and I have been out of action. I had a polyp removed from my colon on the 5th January and it turned out to be malignant. As a result, I was told I needed to have a whole section, where the polyp was found, removed.

I am still in hospital and will do my best to provide you with half decent posts until I feel human again.

I had key hole surgery, 4 of the incisions are small but the last one is about 12cms long and goes horizontally across my belly button. All looks a bit of a war zone down there at the moment.


Anyhow, hang in there and the posts will soon be back as normal. Thank you for your patience!


Mandy X

Photo by Lee J Haywood