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Mandy Kloppers

Here’s How To Get Out Of That Rut You’re Stuck In

Is your life the same today as it was yesterday? Do you look at other people and wish your life was as interesting and exciting as theirs? Do you wake up in the morning with nothing but a sigh and a sense of regret, instead of a joyful squeal and anticipation for the day ahead?


In short, are you stuck in a rut with your life?


Then don’t bemoan the fact. Don’t assume this is the way your life will always be. Do something that takes you out of your rut and into a life that offers far more interesting possibilities than it does already.


So, where do you start?


For starters, think about those life goals you once made for yourself. If your life is far removed from them, look at ways you can achieve them. Sure, some of them may be unrealistic now, but if any are achievable, you owe it to yourself to take steps to meet them. Sit down, reflect on the goals you had, and for any that still matter to you, do something that will take you from A to B.


Be spontaneous with your day, and do something different to your usual routine. We don’t know what your routine is, but if whatever it is you do bores you to tears, find ways to shake things up a little. Go to town and treat yourself to something nice to wear. Eat out rather than having another microwave meal in front of the tv. Make an effort to drop by to visit an old friend, rather than putting it off to another day. Get in the car and head to a place you have never been to before. Do something, anything, other than the same old things you do day in and day out.


Devote yourself to something that will better your future tomorrows. Are you in a job you hate? If so, look for other careers that may bring more enjoyment to your life, or find ways to get a promotion into a more interesting position. You can take courses such as this engineering management masters online, so you may be able to fit it in with your regular job. Or why not consider starting your own business, whether that’s something you do as a side-hustle or something that replaces the career you are in. A new role in life brings more money and more interest to your day, so if you threw the alarm clock at the wall this morning, look for ways to move into a new job or business that will get you gladly out of bed each day.


Be grateful for the life you do have. Sure, your life may not be perfect, but not many of us have reached the nirvana we so often crave for. Practice gratitude for what you do have in life, and you may find that you’re not in the rut you thought you were in after all. You see, sometimes being stuck in a rut is merely a state of mind, but if you opened your eyes to what you have, you may discover your life is actually okay!


Other than this simple advice here, we can do nothing to get you out of your rut. It is something personal to you. But the best thing you can do today is something rather than nothing, as you may never get out of your supposed rut if you don’t take those steps to improve your lot in life. Follow your goals, find your passion, do something different, and change your mindset from negative to positive. You will get your life back on track if you do!

Mandy X