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Here Are 5 Ways To Prioritize Your Mental Health In 2021

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The pandemic-struck 2020 will go down in history for several reasons. While it led to the physical loss of our loved ones, it also harmed our nears and dears mentally. It also taught us to re-look at our priorities and rethink our goals to make 2021 not just a productive year in independent streams but an emotionally positive year. 

As we start 2021, we need to revamp our mental energies to make new beginnings and chart new destinations. Read and put into place five optimistic ways to lead the year and beyond with well-focused priorities. 

1.Quality Sleep Is Important.     


With work from home as the new normal, jobs and deadlines are now going at a new pitch. The 9 to 5 syndrome has become passe. Long work hours stretching to late nights is hampering normal sleep hours. 

Find ways to get your normal sleep quota. Until you convince yourself and work towards getting the sleep your body needs, you may end up spending most of the day with lesser mental energy and focus. Eating pot brownies will help you get a good sleep. These marijuana edibles are safe when consumed in the prescribed quantities. Invest in a quality mattress to get the right sleeping environment. Focus on getting sleep and staying asleep to overcome anxiety and increase your productivity. 

2.Make Exercise And Meditation As Important As Diet. 


Depression is entering our lives, affecting our happiness, reasoning power, and sense of peace. Spending 10 minutes of meditation and mindfulness a day can reduce mind-wandering, especially among those who face emotional stress.   There are plenty of ways to practice mindfulness, whether it’s using a bullet journal, doing art, or meditating while taking a bath. The Bullet Journal Method will show you how to go from passenger to pilot of your life through intentional living.

WFH-souls should devote 15-30 minutes a day to exercise. If daily exercise is a challenge, practice it on alternate days. Exercise helps boost your mood and manages your anxiety and stress. That way, it will help you work with a clear and confident mind. There is no shame in starting your exercise plan from scratch if it’s been a while sweating out. Get over your mental readiness to start a fitness schedule.  

Find the time to walk, cycle, run, and stretch because unless you do not move your limbs, your mental faculties will follow a similar lethargic route. Make exercise as necessary as drinking a glass of water; not a chore thrust upon you.      

3.Connect With People, Not Just Gadgets. 


In the 21st century we are in, objects are playing a more visible role than sentiments. Celebrations happen more by the budget and the quantum, rather than quality. Work hard on maintaining close and healthy relationships with humans, whether it is a neighbor, friend, or a distant relative. 

Adopt pets to better your emotional bonding with humans. Pets have therapeutic powers that can reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and feelings of mental and social isolation. Domesticated animals will help sort out your mental conflicts and refresh your mental energies by giving you a sense of emotional security. Find better ways to create new relationships and bonds, or better existing ones in the long-term. 

4.Journal Your Thoughts. 


Writing your thoughts is a better way to express what you feel about a person or thing. It helps you realize and acknowledge the change you need to bring yourself for better work and personal relations. 

When you write about the destination you want to visit or the project you want to bag, you write something goal-oriented. Each day when you open the diary, ask yourself how far you are from achieving your dream. Make eating a Mediterranean diet, shopping vintage clothes and accessories, or setting aside money for charity, not just page-worthy, work on it to fulfill them. Recognize your feelings and point of view because that will help you channelize your mind.     

5.Avoid Negativities. 

Whether it is personal life or workspace, negativities may creep in. Since they can affect your mental health priorities, prevent the feelings of unwanted behavior from settling in your mind. 

Think of healthy alternatives to challenge your negativities in life and situations. Keep aside one day of the week for a digital detox. The social media-free time will help you gather constructive thoughts and work with no bias or pre-decided notion. Stop comparing yourself with your social friends and their activities. If you are dating online and feel unhappy with the experience, take a break and spend time with friends to exhale your pent-up emotions. Make independent judgments, wherever possible, to increase confidence and faith in yourself and your abilities.     


Identify your mental blocks in work and relationships. Do an inventory of your stress points and take the help of a counselor or a psychiatrist for immediate treatment. Avoid unnecessarily pressuring yourself. It will get you nowhere and ruin your present. Practice a sense of gratitude in everything you do. Humility and unassuming nature bring you more friends. Never shy away from helping others, as someday you may need a helping hand to get you out of a crisis. 



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Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers

Mandy is a qualified therapist who treats depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, trauma, and many other types of mental health issues. She provides online therapy around the world for those needing support and also provides relationship counselling.

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