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International Expert to the Stars & Executives in Helping people Transform challenging lives sheds light on her Pioneering Methods

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Ingeborg Mooiweer is an international pioneer in transformation, whose journey from adversity to empowerment has shaped her mission to change lives worldwide. Raised in Holland amidst uncertainty and emotional turmoil, Ingeborg learned resilience from a young age, navigating a challenging environment marked by parental divorce and the psychological abuse of a narcissistic mother.

Departing from her tumultuous home life at 16, Ingeborg pursued education in Hotel Management BSc, later relocating to London where she flourished in the Luxury Hotel industry for eight years. Finding love and starting a family, she balanced motherhood with a successful corporate career, eventually realizing her true calling lay in healing others’ innermost traumas and challenges.

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Ingeborg Mooiweer is an extraordinary artist and a profound business, strategic lifestyle and personal relationship alchemist. Her remarkable ability to navigate the complexities of human connections goes beyond surface-level interactions. With a deep understanding of healing and coaching, Mooiweer guides individuals and organizations towards transformative experiences.


In the realm of business, Mooiweer’s insights into relationship dynamics are invaluable. She delves into the underlying layers of professional interactions, addressing hidden barriers and fostering healing within teams. By creating a safe space for vulnerability and open communication, she cultivates an environment where trust flourishes, collaboration thrives, and individuals are empowered to reach their full potential.

Known for her innovative techniques and swift results, Ingeborg employs a blend of analytical and feminine approaches to facilitate deep transformation in her clients. Highly intuitive, she navigates psychological barriers to facilitate meaningful change, equipping individuals with practical steps to progress forward.

Ingeborg’s groundbreaking work has earned her recognition as a leader in her field, poised to share her insights with a broader audience through a forthcoming TED talk and book. Now available for interviews and speaking engagements, she invites media platforms to explore her remarkable journey and transformative methodologies.


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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