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Help! My Vagina is trying to Kill Me! comes to EdFringe

Edinburgh Fringe Venue 53 The Space @Surgeons Hall, Stephenson Theatre Aug 2-24 (not 11), 8.05 pm, 50 mins for 18+ (guideline)

Help, My Vagina is trying to Kill Me!’ is a dark, comedic solo show that explores one woman’s journey of navigating STDs, miscarriages, and pre-cervical cancer, which led her to a place of deep shame. By writing this unique storytelling comedy she learnt to love her vagina and herself again!  This beautiful show is for anyone with a vagina or anyone who loves comedy or appreciates the private parts of a woman’s body (so everyone!)

‘Help My Vagina is trying to Kill Me!’ – premiere of solo comedy about STDs, miscarriages, and pre-cervical cancer – and letting go of shame.

US stand-up comedian Yola Lu has lived with shame for many years and decided to tell her story through the lens of a comedic storytelling show which she’s bringing to Edinburgh Fringe for the first time this year. ‘Help My Vagina is trying to Kill Me!’ charts Yola’s journey through herpes, a tragic miscarriage and detection of pre-cancerous cells on her cervix.

Yola really felt her vagina was trying to kill her when so many related things were happening to her.  She decided to create a show that would help drive away stigma, and make other people feel less alone.  She felt an immense sense of relief by telling her story during her first preview show in the US and is gradually letting go of shame. With all the politics happening in America right now, with some women even getting criminalized for having a miscarriage, this show hopes to educate and be a beacon of light for anyone who’s gone through issues with their vagina. It hopes to inspire more conversation amongst “taboo” subjects.

Says Yola about the show: ‘It’s not just a show about STDs, miscarriages, and HPV, it’s so much more than that. It’s a show about loss and love. It’s a show about relationships. It’s a show about women’s health, but ultimately, it’s a show about learning to love and accept yourself for who you are, and I feel it’s the bravest thing I’ve written and performed so far.’

Come and enjoy 50 minutes of real humour and storytelling and let go of your own feelings about the female body.  This is a comedy with a difference and a beautiful personal story that will get you thinking.

Praise from members of the audience at the previews:

“This was the realest thing I’ve ever seen”.

“This show really was something special”. 

“The show really resonated with me. I know what it feels like to feel broken and too ashamed to tell anyone. But what you did was really courageous and inspirational”.

“Great storytelling, very personal” 

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