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Health and Wellness Benefits of Working for Yourself

If you have hankered to be your own boss for some time but are unsure if taking the leap is the right decision, please consider this: there can be a number of health and wellness benefits that come from working for yourself. 

As for how and why this is the case, check out the following points: 

You Can Finally Fit in Exercise 

If you work full time in a traditional job plus have along commute to and from work, you might find it difficult to find the time to work out during the workday. Then, once you are home you are probably too zonked to head to the gym or even walk your loyal pooch. If you are your own boss and working from home, you will no longer have to factor in commute time to your day—instead of hopping in the car to drive to work, you could use that time to head to a local gym for a Zumba class or time on the elliptical, or you could “commute” to work by walking around the block a few times with your dog. 

You Can Set Your Own Schedule 

Another main benefit of being your own boss is getting to set your own schedule. You no longer have to answer to a company manager and spend 40 hours in a building at specific times—you can set up a nice home office and work hours that fits your unique body rhythm. For instance, if you are a devout early bird, you can get up at 4 a.m. and put in a few solid hours before taking the kiddos to school, and then finish up by the time you are ready to pick them up. 

If you love the idea of a flexible schedule and being an entrepreneur but are understandably nervous about opening your own business, you could always start by working for an established company that will support you along the way. For instance, if you like sales-related jobs, you might try working in direct sales for a business like Amway. You can still set your own schedule and work from home selling Amway products online, but you won’t be completely self-employed or alone in your work. The company will also teach you how to sell Amway products and offer tips and advice on becoming an Independent Business Owner. 

You May Feel Less Stressed 

If working full time makes you feel stressed out and guilty as a parent because you don’t see your kiddos as much as you would like and always have to pass up chances to chaperone field trips and volunteer in their classes, being your own boss may alleviate these negative feelings. The flexible work schedulethat comes from being your own boss means you will be able to adjust your hours to meet your family’s needs along with personal and life responsibilities. Not having to pay for costly child care or after school programs may also help to lower your stress level. 

Being Your Own Boss Can Lead to a Healthier You 

Yes, setting up your own company takes time and determination. But in the long run, it can definitely be worth it for your physical and mental health and well-being. From taking better care of yourself and enjoying a flexible schedule to ditching the guilt that can come from spending 40-plus hours away from your family, being your own boss may be the ticket to a healthier you. 

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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