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Have a good week

I’ll bet you have a mountain of things you need to do/get through this next week, especially from Monday to Friday. It can seem a bit like Groundhog day. Get through one week, make some progress and start all over again the following week. I know I look back sometimes and even though I was so busy, I don’t have any specific achievements to look at – many of my activities are ‘slow burners’ – working toward a greater goal that will take a while to achieve.

Sometimes being on the ‘treadmill of life’ can take it’s toll, so I have put together a list of small things that you can do to get the most out of the next week, and weeks after that too…

  1. Choose to be upbeat

Make a choice to adopt an optimistic attitude and not let life get you down. Bad things may happen – people may irritate you and the mundane might bog you down, but it can only get to you if you allow it to. Try not to take life too seriously, see the funny side if possible and learn not to ‘catastrophise’ life incidents. Always ask your self if you will feel as upset about something in a year’s time as you do right now – it can help you regain perspective and maintain your optimistic attitude. Now – I know it isn’t possible to always be optimistic and that’s okay too, but when possible, focus actively on how you are perceiving life as it is often what you tell yourself about what’s happening rather than what is actually happening to you. That is why some people cope better with misfortune that others – because they process the event differently, in a way that upsets them less. Always ask yourself what you can tell yourself about what is happening in order for it to upset you less.

2. Prioritise well

Leave perfection behind. Focus on the top three – to five things that need to be done for the week/day and try not to place too much pressure upon yourself. Life is much more than just being busy. You don’t HAVE TO do probably at least 50 – 60% of what is on your to-do list. Learn to let go of one or two things on the to-do list. This gets ypu in the habit of enjoying quieter moments in life.

3. Do nothing without guilt

Make a habit of spending at LEAST one hour per week (preferably one hour per day) doing things for you. Whether that is having a nap, reading a book or going for a massage – get into the routine of focusing on yourself and being kind to yourself. If you can only manage one hour a week, work on increasing that time to at least three to four hours per week over a number of weeks. Half an hour every day is a good goal to aim for. Learn to do nothing or do something purely for your own pleasure without any guilt. You deserve it.

4. Create long term goals

Whether it’s a holiday abroad or further your education – it’s always a good idea to have long term goals. This also helps you to feel less guilty when you do take time out to do nothing or have fun.

5. Be mindful

Once long term goals are in place, focus back on the present moment. Take in your surroundings and make each moment count – the power is in NOW, not in the future.

Get used to spending a few minutes a day focusing on your body – your breathing, your bum in the chair, your toes in your shoes. This brings your attention back to the present moment, a great skill to have and a great way to alleviate anxiety!

Each day is a chance to refocus, reject negativity and enjoy each moment as much as possible. When life gets tough, take time out if you can. Never spend time worrying in a non productive manner as it will only bring your mood down further. Worry is never a great predictor of a good outcome. Learn to cope with uncertainty and to enjoy each day as it arrives without too much focus on “what if” scenarios.

Mandy X

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