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Mandy Kloppers

Handling rock bottom

I have certainly been there. Rock bottom is not a fun place to be. When I was at an all time low, I was filled with self doubt, I wanted to isolate myself and withdraw from others and I felt very alone as if I was the only person who had ever felt like this. Of course, many of reach rock bottom at times in our lives for various reasons. Here is a survival checklist on how to puul yourself out of that black hole:


When we’re feeling low, we tend to consider the ‘mountain’ of stuff ahead of us. “I have to do this” and “I must do that”; and this pressure overwhelms us. Chunking is a great way to break down the overwhelming pressure into smaller more manageable chunks. Instead of thinking about everything that you need to get done this year, or even this month, break it down into weekly or daily tasks. This way, your to-do list will seem far more manageable and you can then focus on one day at a time.


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