Mandy Kloppers

Habits To Kick This New Year


Early January acts as a reminder of the excesses of the Christmas period. We become full of all kinds of good intentions in the new year and this period of time after Christmas is the most popular for starting new resolutions. This may be a resolution to improve our diets, create a savings plan, or perhaps you want to kick some bad habits.

One of the most popular addictions that people want to break is smoking. This is a very common and difficult habit to break. Some people struggle more than others, and for certain people patches, or E liquid can help them kick this habit. Having a healthy lifestyle that involves fresh food and plenty of exercise will help you feel better in yourself, and will provide you with the motivation that you need in order to succeed.


When it comes to January many of us will be struggling to leave our bad eating habits in December. Having eaten one too many chocolates over Christmas, our waistlines will probably have expanded, and that beautiful New Years Eve outfit may have been a little too snug for our liking. While gaining weight over Christmas is normal, even part of life, it can leave you feeling a little blue and lacking motivation in the new year. Remember, health is not about how much you weigh, but is about feeling good and having the energy to achieve your goals. Signing up for the gym a little bit before the new year, perhaps mid December, will allow you to mentally prepare yourself to hit the gym before you feel like you need to. Buying a gym membership and perhaps asking for some gym gear over Christmas will get you into the mindset of working out.


Dry January has become very popular in recent years. Many charitable organisations ask people to donate the money they would ordinarily spend on alcohol. This is not only good for your health, but it gives you the opportunity to get involved with charity work or a cause that is close to your heart. If you don’t drink alcohol, then you can give up other things such as chocolate, sweets, or even sugary drinks. 


On the subject of sugary drinks, it is a great idea to replace fizzy drinks, and sugar-laden juices with good old water. Nutritionists agree that the benefits of fruit juices are often outweighed by their sugar content. Try swapping that fruit carton for a fresh vegetable juice, or eating the whole fruit instead of juice replacement. 


Perhaps the most important thing that you can do this year to help the environment is to pledge to give up single use plastic. Replace plastic bottles with glass or other sustainable materials, and never use plastic straws as they can end up in landfills or in some poor animals body. 

Using public transport, walking, or cycling instead of driving everywhere, is a step towards living more sustainably. This can also tie in with other resolutions you may have to get fitter this year.




Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash